Hi everyone, first time on here and think it is a great site, so many of us with these horrible problems, now I don't feel so alone, have been on Methotrexate for about 6 yrs and it helps also tried Enbrel but had to stop as was getting really horrible infections but now I have stopped Enbrel all the pain is comeing back also I have now found out my bones are to thin to have back surgery as the screws will not hold also my disk has herniated pressing on a nerve, the thing is no one can tell from looking at you what is going on inside which I suppose is good as I might look quite horrible but I do gardening part time as I have retired and still have to have some income but don't know how long I can do this, does anyone else still keep working through the pain and do you think it helps with the RA Cheers Anny

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  • Hi in Tracey sorry to hear ur having a rough time of it hope u get it sorted to help with the pain

  • Thanks Tracey, Luckily I can get Co Proxamol and it helps with the pain when having a flare up wow! never knew it could get that bad but more comfortable this week, hope your well

    Thank s


  • Hi Amy ur lucky I cant take it I'm on tramadol,parasetemol ,morphine patches I can cope with them only pain killers I can have have a good night I. Off to sleep lets C if the night lets me x

  • Hello Annie , I too have a multitude of Health Issues and Fighting RA. I worked as a Nurse Assistant for 20 years and I also cleaned homes . My Hips and Back has always bothered as long as I can remember . I do have friends that Work . But , I have too many other health issues to Work . I Love , Love Gardening . I tried to Work at a Very Popular Hardware/ Garden Center . I only lasted about 8 months outside . Till Winter Came around . I try very hard to keep moving . I can't work . My Medication is helping . But . Thank Goodness . But when I have flare ups . I hope that you are able to . I know how hard Some days are . I have been on several different meds as I have said . Now Humira . Good Luck with trying To Work . It is hard . Sincerely Sandy

  • Thanks Sandy, I think you sound very like me and do a lot of hard work but I had the worst flare last week and was taking 8 co-proxamol a day which only helped for a couple of hour's but this week feel slightly more comfortable and not taking so many painkillers it sounds like it is getting worse for me which is why it is great to hear from you and your experience I really hope you are not too bad and find giving up work has helped Good luck Anny

  • Thanks Penny 😀😃 Made me Smile . I am on Pain killers also and have been for So long . Seems that they don't Help when I have a flare up . I can So relate to having to take extra medication . Glad your feeling better 💖

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