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Beware Demon Demon Barbers

Hi Guys, and Gals, This is my first post even though I have left comments to others. Firstly thanks for all the info etc , it's good to know I'm not on my own (it's he'll isn't it? )

A bit of light relief - Today I went for a long awaited hair cut ! I found a Turkish barber who gave me the quickest haircut of my life and then wait for it -- started to massage my shoulders ,without warning!! Unfortunately his English wasn't very good, even though I speak a little Turkish it was too late to stop the damage being done.

When I told my sons they fell into histerics, I also saw the funny side, the guy ment well ,but he didn't get a tip.

My first lot of Biologics arrive tomorrow so I'm hoping for life to get back as was,(or is that wishful thinking)

My injection in the butt is still working well totally hyper , gardening etc , then collapsing totally knackered.

Hope the Force is with you all (no seriously this time)

Regards Mike

Ps. The barber stopped when I screamed

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I've a husband who sometimes does this! Scalp massage is ok though


Hope the biologics do the trick..... just remember that like all our meds, it may take a little time to kick in.

Good luck. M x


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