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The winter from hell

Ive had the winter from hell. In between working my 3 kids have come down with so many flus and bugs its unbelievable. I have been so stressed out this week my eldest son 4yr old was admitted to hospital with a temp over 40. We got out at midnight and sent home. I bearly slept a wink that night scared of him getting sick again. So my body is now run down with no rest and of couse i wake up this morning not able to move iam so sore with the beginnings of my kids flu. I try and rest as much as possible, get as much sleep as poss and try and limit myself but honestly my life is just really really busy. How do ppl cope with being so busy and resting?? And also how do you try and dodge all the flus and bugs i work in retail and the amount of times ive had some one cough on me is staggering.

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Hi ya!

Sounds like you've been having a bit of a time of things lately, I'm sorry to hear that. You are asking the same questions that I did a few years ago. At the time I had 2 kids under 5, part time job working with the public, a house to look after and a husband. I tried to rest as much as I could but still I want feeling any better. I was ok if everything went perfectly according to plan, but life is very rarely like that. One late night, early wake up because of the kids, cold caught from somebody and I'd flare my and be back to the start.

Eventually I had to take 3 weeks of work after catching tonsillitis and the enforced rest allowed me a chance to see that something has to give.

I spoke to work and altered my hours pattern, head a very long great to hear with my husband about how I was really coping, rearranged our finances a bit and got a cleaner every other week and started to draft in family help (my mum) more so when I was tired, the kids got poorly and I needed to work she would come and be "mum" for a bit.

I realise I am lucky to have a very good support network round me, a loving husband etc and others may not have that set up but what I think I'm trying to say is you can't just keep going regardless, something has to give our your symptoms won't ease.

I now would class myself in remission, my mtx, anti TNF combo works well and now I'm starting to get back to doing more.

Please look at where you are doing unnecessary work and try and change that to rest time, and fingers crossed you'll start to feel the benefit very soon.

Wishing you well


Excellent advice pj!

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Hi Keryn

I agree with pj something has to change. Think of it like this: if you continue to push yourself too far you will end up so sick you and the kids will need someone to look after you. Listen to your body. It's telling you it's too much. You could go off sick for a short time to recharge your batteries? I know it's not easy and you don't want work to have a bad impression but you must put yourself first for a while. Kids get lots of bugs when they are small, it gets easier honest but you can encourage them to wash their hands after the loo and before meals to try and stop the spread. Stay away fr friends with coughs and colds, educate them about being immunosuppressed.

Streamline your commitments a bit if you can. Try to rest on your days off. RD is all about pacing. If you have a very busy day planned one day try to block out your diary the next. Say no to people, take time out for a bath, a massage, look after you. Talk to good friends about how you feel. My RD is very sensitive to stress, maybe your is too. And we are here for you anytime.

Take care

Kilideelili x


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