Hi just is anyone bothered with an itch all over their body.It seems to get worse at night it is driving me crazy.Have bother with my arms so can not reach to scratch my back if hubby not around i am standing against the door.Jump sometimes because i feel like something is crawling on me tried varies things but it is still there Maybe meds but i have not changed any Help x

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  • Itching can sometimes be a sign your liver is playing up. I would book an appointment with your GP or Rheumy team. It must be driving you bonkers! Hope you are itch free soon, Jane xXx

  • yes i have been for bloods today thanks

  • I have been itching like crazy for the past few weeks. Even my head is itching so bad I thought that I might have nits !( I didn't!) I put it down to my levothyroxine as each time I stopped taking it the itching stopped after a couple of days and every time I restarted it, the itching started again. Clemmie

  • I agree about liver - keep us posted if you find out what it is. I get crawling all the time and my LFTs are often high. The higher they are the worse the crawling sensation is.

  • Hello beeckey, I found that I get itchy skin when it's a bit too dry. If my lovely wife applies moisturizer to my back, it usually gets a lot better. For my shins and feet, I use shea butter. No flakey skin and itches anymore. Not sure if that may help you. All the best.

  • I have exactly the same problem worst at night in bed. The French for it is fourmillements (ant crawling feelings}. There doesn't seem to be much that can be done about it. My liver is OK.If you find a cure please let me know.


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