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Been to meet our new rheumatoid doctor today yes on a Saturday i was surprised She seems very nice. Well im glad to say i am back on tocs infushion next month :-) . The injections have made me feel so unwell but at least i tried them. The only downfall is i have to start a low dose of methatrexate too once a week. Didnt get on with it before but i shall give it a go again. Hope everyone is ok xx Alison

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Hi Alison- hopefully resuming a low dose of Methotrexate will be ok. I have been on 15mg subcu for about 9 months and the injectable doesn't seem to have side effects for me. What options do they give you for a Biological? I was shown a list of about 10 and asked which I wanted to try! Not the most professional approach but there you go. This is Canada! I am trying Cimzia which are subcu injection biweekly. I just want to get control of the inflammation.

Just curious about how your shoulder is? Was it a replacement?

Take care, cheers Doreen

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Hi, Doreen, I have had only one infusion unfortunately, it went very well but due to staffing issues I haven't been able to have another infusion, hopefully I will on my return from Canada.

Can I ask which part of Canada you live. I am considering returning to live in Canada again with my family.

All the best sorting out your meds.

Take care, Sue


I live in beautiful Victoria! There are huge differences in health coverage from province to province is my impression. Ontario does seem to be better in that respect but I love Victoria!

Cheers Doreen


Thanks for your reply, I have a friend who lives in Vancouver, she use to live in Ontario. I have been unable to find someone who lives in the Toronto area.

Many thanks, Sue xx


I wish you all the best Allison!



Hope you get on better with the infusions again. And you don't have any probs with the low dose mtx. I hear my clinic have started doing Saturday clinics to try and help the large waiting list for appointments.

Take care


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Thank you Kiki. Fingers crossed i will get on better. Hope you are well Alison xx


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