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Saw Rheumy Nurse this afternoon. She has agreed with my GP that I can carry on taking the 20mg Methotrexate alongside Sulfasalazine and if I have any further issues with a cough or shortness of breath then I have to stop the Methotrexate and let her know. My levels are showing some improvement which is good. I mentioned that I had had a rash on my lower legs and showed her the photo, she seems to think it was burst blood vessels which could have been caused by a combination of the higher temperatures we were having at the time and possibly increased inflammation. I also now have one very purple looking toe nail. I don't recall knocking it and certainly haven't dropped anything on it. The Nurse is puzzled as to what has caused this as the toe itself is fine, no pain, swelling or altered colour, although she did say that maybe this is a burst blood vessel under the nail, again possibly caused by inflammation.

She said I have to take note of any further rashes, bruises or discolouration and let her know if any more appear - don't know what's going on, weird things happening lol. I also saw the Physio on Tuesday and she is pleased with my progress. Had more ultrasound on neck and shoulders and I don't have to see her again until October, just carry on doing the exercises for neck, shoulders and knees but to ring her if I need anything or have any concerns. She has chased up the podiatry and occupational therapy appointments so just have to wait for dates, although they are extremely busy so may have to wait a while yet. Having another workplace assessment next Tuesday as I need a better chair. All in all I feel things are progressing well so will take the Methotrexate soon and hope tomorrow is another good day.

Hope everyone else is doing well and sending best wishes and hugs to you all. X


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Messaged you. Did you get it? I think sometimes the PMs look like they have gone but havnt😁


Hi Stuart, no not come through yet. x


This is weird. I thought it was happening but the site managers denied it! I had sent a few to people with no replies, so it happens with some but not all!


Just sent them again.


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