Achy all over

Hi all,

Just a quick question, I have RA diagnosed about 3 yes ago. I'm lucky as an early diagnosis means I have no joint damage. What I'm asking is do you get muscle pains?

My consultant says RA doesn't affect your back or coccyx but I get regular aching in both. I have widespread non descript muscle aches like I've had a long gym session and haven't stretched but I've been no where near a gym.

My last steroid injection IM one eased all my aches greatly so I assumed it must be RA related but now I'm not sure.

I'm stuck with aches, should I take painkillers everyday on top of my normal RA injection cocktail our should I make more of a fuss that perhaps sometimes not working out should I be thinking its nothing to do with the RA and looking elsewhere?

Thank you in advance as I'm in a bit of a twist with my thinking.

Ps forgot to mention I'm 32, stay active and am in pretty good shape (despite the RA of course 😉)

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  • Hi.

    A year after I was diagnosed with RA I started to get awful muscle weakness and aches, I couldn't explain it well and was always so tired. Went to see new rhuemy ( previous one told me my aching legs were nothing to do with him!) who diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia......widespread pain , chronic fatigue, foggy head, poor memory...all symptoms.

    Since then I've been put on Pregablin and Sertraline for pain. It's been a long journey of trying different meds to see what combination work for me, and I don't think it's over yet.....but I'm getting there 😊

    Maybe it would be worth you mentioning it to your GP or Rhuemy. Or do a bit of research to see if Fibromyalgia symptoms sound like yours?

    Hope you get some answers and start to get this under control soon.

    Kate x

  • Is it your muscles or is it your tendons? I ask because I have similar symptoms and have just recently realised a lot of the pain I thought was muscular is in fact tendons. After 3-4 years of this kind of 'pain everywhere', I have now developed little lumps on several tendon attachment points. Some of the places I have particular aching turn out to be spots where clusters of tendons attach...

    Another member here, Earthwitch, suggested it could be a condition called enthesitis. I think it is. I'm seeing the rheumy again in Aug...

    I am still researching, but it seems tendinopathy and enthesitis are key features of spondyloarthritis, and since you mention backache, it might be worth considering that yourself. I understand it's not unusual for people's specific diagnosis to change, since a lot of the symptoms of different inflammatory arthritic diseases overlap...

  • Thank you, I will do some research, I think its muscular but my friends a physio so I'll check maybe it is my tendons.

    The back pain thing is very interesting, good things to bring to my next appoint

    Thank you very much

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