Colchester or ipswich?

Hi everyone

I'm hoping to get some help - I've been told i have various issues - RA / HMS / OA! Every time I see someone they change their minds so I have no idea whats wrong with me really lol!

The more I read the more my symptons sound like fibro. Does anyone know of a spevalist in this in the colchester or ipswich area? I'm desperate to find out what I actually do have!!

Thank you so much

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I see Dr Walton, Rheumatologist at Colchester general and my daughter n granddaughter see debbie Rodgers for HMS, she is also part of Dr waltons team.

We think he's great and knows what he's talking about, while others think he's rude and abrupt. Personal choice, I guess.


Hello, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia over 30 yrs ago and live between Colchester and Ipswich. I was referred to Bury Hospital to a specialist there who duly diagnosed me by the usual method of the tender spots. I was diagnosed with RA 10 yrs ago and attend Colchster General, my Hubby has recently been diagnosed with Sero Negative inflammatory arthritis and was referred to Ipswich as the waiting list was shorter. Can only say we asked to be transferred to Colchester , as parking and other things were difficult and he has his 1st appointment at Colchester this morning . Much easier for us. Fibro comes under the same specialists as RA . Hope this helps. Barbara.

I forgot to say I see Dr Rachel Davis, a very nice , helpful youngish consultant who deals with my Fibro and RA. My neighbour sees a different consultant who is also very good and I've also heard very good reports about Dr Walton.


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