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I live in australia their arent alot of suposupsupport forums in aust. After catching a virus.that attacks your joints a few years back and since having my last child i was experiencing bad joint pain after alot of testing in jan i was daignosed with rhuematoid arthritis. Iam currently on mthotrexate and pred. Aswell as taking natural remidies fish oil, glucosomine, and tumeric. Iam finding it really hard to come to terms with thid diagnosis. I have 3 young child and run a family business i have to work and i have to look.after my kids. But its weekends like ive just been through where my joints and hands are so swollen and sore it gets you wondering can you really cope with this. I am a stubbon person and alot of times push through the pain but recently had to give up my passion and hobby of horse ridding.

Iam finding it so come to terms with this diagnosis. Iam 29 have 3 children and a husband to run after my life is too busy to be sick. One of my drs has suggested i try anti depressants but iam hessitant to take.another medication on top of everything iam already on. How do i come to terms with having the mind of a young person and the body of an older person.

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Hi I felt the same as you when I was first diagnosed, I also have Rheumatoid Arthritis,as well as Osteo, my hands are locked into fists when I have a flare up, and I find soaking my joints in water helps, warm water usually helps mine, but cold compresses should help bring your inflamation down, dont know if this will help you but its worth a try, hope its of some help x


Hubby will have to start helping you out a bit 😞

You can't run after him and the kids anymore

You need to start considering yourself a bit

Horrible dam illness So unfair someone so young getting it 😏 and with young children 😞

Once the drugs kick in you will feel a lot better 😊

Just do what your rhummy and physio say 😊😊

Good luck

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I think the hardest part is having my whole life turned upside down. I can even open a milk bottle anymore. Being so relient on someone else is really hard on me.


I feel so sorry when someone so young gets this. It's enough to cope with when you have your life fairly well settled, but having to cope with young kids as well must make it so hard.

But it is still very early days for you, so you could still get an awful lot better than you are. It took me about a year to find the mix of meds and doses that worked best for me, but I did get back to about 95% normal. I started on MTX as well, which did a lot but not enough. I kept asking my rheumy whether this was as good as it gets, and to cut a long story short I'm now on triple therapy of MTX, Sulpha and Hydroxy and together these three (plus folic acid, stomach protector, anti-inflammatories etc) works very well for me. Keep pushing your docs if you still have pain, even if your blood results are improving,as there are lots of things to try. And try to look after yourself-eat well, get as much rest as you can, and get your family to help out.

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Hi Keryn,

It can be difficult coming to terms with a diagnosis like this but you are still in the early stages and with the help and support you will get from your HCPs in Australia and sites like this things will get easier. Just remember to ask for help.

As I am sure all the "oldtimers" on here will say, it is all about pacing yourself and finding out what you can do.

If you have any questions then you can always email the NRAS helpline for more information at:


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


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