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Knee pain

I recently developed a problem with my right knee just below the kneecap to the inside of it. I can't walk for more than about half a mile without it starting to hurt. Went to GP who suggested I should contact my rheumatologist, when he saw it the knee was swollen And he sent me from blood test that showed that my ESR was up and my CRP was borderline, this after years of being stable. Spoke to rheumatologist and have been put for a MRI, my question is has anybody gone through anything similar?

I now seem to be in the menopause and I was wondering whether this could be an explanation for my RA getting slightly more aggressive...

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Hormonal changes do seem to have an influence on RD from anecdotal evidence. But it seems to be the change in hormone levels that are the trigger, so you can look forward to a more stable time ahead!

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