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Hi there. I don't mean to upset those of you who weren't successful but I heard today that I was successful in applying for PIP and will get the minimum PIP, the living allowance part as my mobility with walking is the moment anyway! Just wanted to let you all know that there are positive stories out there and to apply if you can. You may be pleasantly surprised.

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  • Congrats, so pleased for you I am filling in mine this week so it is good to hear good news . Hope family are well xx

  • Thankyou. Yes, kiddies and hubby are well Thankyou. Hope the form filling in goes well.

  • Hi , I also got my decision today. I was successful and was awarded the enhanced rate of the living part, and I got nothing for the mobility as my walking is fine.

    Congratulations to you, and good luck to all those that are applying. I had my consultation on the 25th June, so it was surprised that I heard back so quickly.

  • Me too, 25th June. Must have been something in the air 😉

  • So pleased for you too Luluarchie (HM!). PIP buddies, I received the same award, though my walking isn't quite so good so it would have been handy. I also heard quickly though mine was going back to the beginning of the year, 15 days, so maybe the tide has turned.

  • Good for you all, it's nice to see some positive outcomes for a change!

  • i,ve got my assesment on tuesday,wish me luck.

  • You don't need luck. You'll be fine. Just be very honest. It's tough admitting you need help and it was a huge reality check for me and an admission how tough life can be. But it was worth it.

  • I think that,s my problem i won,t admit to the fact that i do need help.

  • I know, I really do. It is such a landmark in accepting where we are in our lives. When I opened the envelope yesterday and saw it, I freaked. I was like, I think I'm disabled enough to need help?! It just seems like such an admission and acceptance. But, it will help me pay for a cleaner and perhaps some childcare. Also looking forward to getting a seat for my shower 😀 it's the simple things in life!

  • It,s the small things i used to take for granted.Fifteen months ago i worked as a home carer for twenty five years,

    now i could do with one myself.Know one knows how hard it is to admit defeat.

  • You are so right and it's so hard 😔. People have no idea form the outside and it's the comments we get daily that make it even harder. We are supposed to be well inside because we look "well" on the outside. I think that's why we find it so hard.

  • Good luck vibes coming your way 😊. I'll think of you on Tuesday

  • Thank you .

  • Good luck Hun xx

  • Thank you.

  • How did it go today?

  • That is good news Joanna, really pleased for you..... the good luck vibes may have helped a teeny bit?! I'm sure it will help you, it has me & thanks for posting your result, it's helpful for those who are considering applying, those waiting for their assessment or have had their assessment & waiting for the decision. x :)

  • Oh yes, the good luck vibes were most welcome. Plus support from here 😀. Which at the moment with the flare that's started last Monday and shows no let up, it's very welcome. Yesterday's letter came at the right time.

  • Good to hear I was lucky to get mine 3 months ago but didnt quite make it for mobiliy even tho I cant walk that far.

  • Really pleased to read a successful PIP experience, it gives us all hope. Thank you for posting xx

  • I got exactly the same. They are being more reasonable than they were when the system first came in. My interviewer was nice and put me at ease. I answered the questions as it would be on my worst days. Good luck to all who are currently applying

  • That's good news. I applied last week and am waiting for the interview. Not sure I will get anything though.

  • I really wasn't sure and went with the attitude if you don't ask, you won't know. I ended up with 10 points, more then I thought. Hope you'll be pleasantly surprised.

  • Hi well done, so pleased you got a result. Do you know if you can apply if your working? My walking is ok, but struggle with other house hold tasks. Due to rheumatoid and fibromyalgia but I do work, but shattered when I get home.

  • Yes, I think you can Annie1954. The money is there to improve your life when you have physical difficulties. So, I see no reason why not. It's not means tested.

  • Ok thanks for replying so quick ...

  • Yes you can def claim if you work. Thats one of the reasons to try an help you keep yr independence. I work 3 full days and I claimed.

  • Hi all, I got my PIP confirmed this weekend too and am glad of extra help. I didn't really want to apply but my partner (and amazingly patient carer) persuaded me to do so. My interviewer was lovely, kind and understanding especially when I burst into tears twice at having to admit my limitations. I'm so practised at 'pretending' everything's okay and not so adept at admitting my imperfections and limitations. It was hard but also a huge relief to be honest about how much help I need.

    Best wishes to all going through similar situations. We need to be honest with ourselves and brave enough to accept life as it is :) x

  • Aww pleased for u x

  • So pleased for you, have just applied for the 3rd time so fingers crossed (even though I can't lol) xx

  • Congratulations! How long did the process take from submitting the forms to the outcome decision?

  • I started the whole process on 11 in I rang them then. Then I had the form for 4 weeks as I was granted an extension because I went into hospital. Then response on 4 July, so quite a while!

  • Well done, to you both. So brilliant to get good news sometimes.

    Btw, have you thought of asking your OT for a shower seat? M xx

  • That's actually really good to hear. Good news,


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