Have to laugh, if only it could work - I was talking with my neighbour this evening and she asked how I was feeling. I just said my knee was playing up again and I am seeing Physio tomorrow. She said her knees used to be painful when it was damp weather but if I take cider vinegar mixed with honey and drink it every day I won't need Physio or hospital appointments....if only it was that easy!

Any other good advice?

Hope you are all doing ok.

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  • I've actually heard that before, but.... like you say if only :-) Do you remember some years ago when a story in the press said people were using WD40 on their joints?????????????? Oh right :-)

    GJ x

  • Haha, might have to try that, I've got some in the garage, lol.

  • Lol! I have had that one a few times too. I had a comment today from my friend who said she was watching a medical program and a lady had been brought into hospital with something else but mentioned that she had ra. However she wasn't in any pain and seemed fine?? I then, once again, find myself trying to justify why some people are and some are not !! Why do feel I need to do this ! Sorry just a bit of a rant there xxx hope you are doing okay too x

  • I've got some 3 in 1 oil. Will that work? Or does it have to be WD40? 😉

  • ;) xx

  • Seriously though, I hope the physio goes well. I have a very good one me and my family have used for years for various injuries.mso lets hope the one you are seeing is as good.

  • maybe the 3 in 1 is WD40, vinegar AND honey, lol.

  • Ah, that will be from the Margaret Hills book "Treating Arthritis The Drug Free Way" which I've actually read! I'm sure diet is an important part of handling the disease as a whole but it certainly isn't a cure. Funny the ideas people get about arthritis, isn't it? Very misunderstood.

  • Yes it is. I believe diet has a role to play as well, and exercise. We can only try and help ourselves as much as we are able to. Take care.

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