Dali Lama; healing chant

I might have posted this link before, in which case I apologise.

I'm not a Buddhist ( though if I'm anything, I suppose I'm a cross between a Quaker and a Buddhist) but I find this chant wonderfully soothing.

I often play it at night. Sometimes I drift off, but even when I don't, I find it improves the quality of my insomnia.

I was introduced to this ( actually a much longer version which I expect one can find on YouTube, though I have a CD) by a friend who was dying from cancer. She said it helped her to find bliss. I can't trump that recommendation.

It's probably not everyone's cup of tea, but if this helps one person, then it's worth posting. Jora

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  • I have also been exploring healing mantras. Would be grateful for the name of the cd


  • Hi Magician

    Oh dear, I'm afraid I can't help, it was a private recording given to my dying friend, which has now come to me. But if you google Dali Lama healing chant, I'm sure you will find the equivalent. It's about an hour long.. Because I'm on my iPad, I can't check whilst I'm on this site. Just make sure you get the one of His Holiness chanting. There are others, but his has a special quality, whether it's phsychological or not.

    I hope that helps. Jora

  • And the Dali Lama's chants are free. If you are asked for money, you are on the wrong site!

  • Thanks so much for giving us that, it was just glorious and like nothing I have ever heard before! C xx

  • Oh, Cuttysark, your response has made my day! As I said in my reply to Magician, there is a much longer one(at least an hour) but I thought the 10 min one might be a better introduction for most people . It often makes me cry, but in a gentle releasing way.

    Thanks for letting me know how much you enjoyed it.

    Meta, Jo

  • Look for Hein Braat. He is a Dutchman with the most wonderful voice. I bought one of his CD's, expensive but very, very soothing. J

  • Yes, I've got that too.

    Are we working towards a virtual group meditation, listening to a chant at the same time?

  • Thank you very much, Jeanabelle60!

  • So glad Jo! I will look for the whole recording , it is so beautiful and even afterward it is

    still playing in my mind. C xx

  • I was given tapes by a Buddhist Monk with explanations about their specific purpose. They are powerful and do change your state of being. Thanks for posting I'll dig out mine.

  • Thanks for that Jura... It's just what I need having reverted back to being the walking zombi after coming off my night med until the cause of my slow elite athlete style heart rate has been determined. I saw the Dali Lama do a talk in Nottingham several years ago ans was mesmerised by his gentle, playful spirit.

    Thanks again and heres to a better quality insomnia all round! :)


  • Love it Jora. Gets to your soul. x

  • Excellent. If I wake in the middle of the night, as I often do, and listen to the Dalai Lama chanting, I will imagine several others with their enhanced quality of insomnia! I'm so glad I posted that.

    Night night all. Jo

  • Jora, I have to tell you that I met the Dali Lama (well sort of) here in Derry in the north of Ireland where I live. It was back in the mid/late 90's and the 'Troubles' were coming to an end and people started wanting to come here to see what the place was really like and were we really all savages!! He was here for a short private visit but afterwards appeared in public for a short while to plant a tree in a public park.

    I had a friend with me from Glasgow ,who is a Buddhist, and my wee Yorkie/Pom Boss in my arms. I was right beside him and was able to touch his right arm. He smiled and nodded to people all the time but when he saw my wee dog he nuzzled into Boss's face and spoke to him but I have no idea what he said, when he finished he giggled away to himself before moving on..........my Buddhist friend was speechless and in a daze the entire time.

    A highlight of my lifetime, what a privilege.

  • What a wonderful story, your wee dog would be blessed I am sure and probably new what the Dali Lama was saying to him!! X

  • I have to say that my wee Boss, gone but never forgotten, was very attached to me, he would bare his teeth and bark at anyone who came near me if I had him in my arms. On the day when the Dalia Lama put his face to my wee Boss's he didn't utter a sound. He was still and calm. Make of it what you like but if you knew my wee man like I did you would think there was definatly 'something' going on! J

  • I had a little dog, who was with me when I was assaulted in the street ( about 35 years ago). When I came around on the bonnet of a car, he was sitting there, beaten up himself and shaking. My concern for him somehow got me home,and distracted me from my own trauma.

    He had always been very friendly to everyone, but thereafter he would get very angry if anyone wearing a woolly hat came anywhere near me.

    But to get back to the Dalai Lama, I'm sure Boss could sense love and a complete absence of threat. . That doesn't surprise me at all. J

  • Jasus......the poor wee mite. He must have tried to defend you. Your so right about whatever transpired between Boss and the Dali Lama was on another level that your nor I will never understand, it was a wonder to watch and I'll never forget that day.

  • What a privilege indeed. I have a Buddhist friend ( an ex Catholic nun) who has chanted with him a lot. I'm envious of her encounters, and now yours. Your dog's even more! Just before I got RA ( thankfully) I followed a Mindfulness Meditation course. It was secular, but run by a Buddhist at the local Viharra. While we were meditating in silence, there was the distance chanting of monks which was very soothing. That is until they came to one phrase. It not only sounded like Bunjee, Bunjee , Bunjee, but was chanted with a really bouncy rhythm; onamatopoeia! It was hard to meditate after that. we just rolled around the floor giggling, including the one monk who was on the course. He had never heard the chanting from a Western perspective before. I'm so pleased I did that course. It's a valuable tool. J x

  • This reminded me of a very unusual coincidence that happened to me. I'd gone on a retreat and 7 days into it, despite contrary advice, ventured into town to buy some things. Though is was only a small town it felt like an assault to the senses. It seemed I had just ruined my retreat and now understood why they didn't want us to leave. Driving back and about a mile or two before I got to the centre, I put on the radio. What was playing was exquisite Buddhist chanting; on radio 4 so not their normal fare. The chanting ended just as I got to the centre. It seemed to be welcoming and easing me back to the retreat and I felt much calmer when I reached. It was an amazing feeling. This happened years ago, yet I'm still awestruck by how the timing attuned to my inner and outer journey.

  • What a fabulous experience. I used to attend the Buddhist Centre in Glasgow, a few years ago now, but I loved every minute of it. I could never achive the Lotus position though, years before RD. The others in the group were so nice and they got me wedged into a corner and wrapped me in maroon coloured wool blankets, is there a proper name for them? I would just go into another world, lovely. Since I developed RD I have got out of the way of the practice and keep saying that I will make the efford to reintroduce it back into my life, maybe you have been the catalist I needed. Thanks so much. X

  • I'm happy to catalyse you to meditate. But remember its not an effort or something on have on the to do list. You can start anytime just by being fully present to whatever or wherever you are at that moment.

  • I need to get the dogs out of the house first but I will make a start.

  • Is that the Dali Lama reciting the mantra?

  • I believe so. It certainly is on the (unpublished) CD I have ( as my friend was there when it was made) and the voice sounds the same, allowing for acoustic difference. J

  • Thanks Jora. X

  • I could listen to this all day. Thanks so very much......off toGoogle to get my own CD of this mesmerising sound from a mesmerising human/god......which ever you like. XX

  • I'm so pleased to read that Jeanabelle60. I'm told that he is happy for it to be shared, but NEVER for profit - ie it mustn't be sold. I quite understand why, and I'm sure you do too. Jo x

  • I do of course.

  • I found the extend one hour version on YouTube (chant de guerison du Dali Lama) and, as I have been on paperwork duty at work (school based) I have had it playing on a loop all day - I managed to rewrite the school's literacy policy and do other stuff on top in one session and came away relaxed and chilled ready for my weekend. Several other we're in and out of the the room and all said how relaxing but energising they found the chanting.

    Thanks again for this one Jura :)


  • I've had a really bad day at the hospital, with consultant wanting another full body scan, ESR and CRP climbing daily, prospect of new knees in June fading,still can't return to immunosuppressants. So to come home and read that I have been a tiny accidental conduit of peace to others has deeply moved me. it might sound like a little thing, but sometimes when there is nothing left to take (professional advice, practical help, comfort, even love), the answer is to GIVE. However tiny, that little gift ( for which I take absolutely no credit other than as a messenger) might touch someone and feeling that is worth a thousand takes.

    I hope that makes sense and doesn't sound too slushy. Jo x

  • Not at all slushy and of great sense... Victor Frankl made a very poignant observation whilst enduring life in a concentration camp which was basically that "everything can be taken from a person but one thing: the last of human freedoms - to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way" you could have returned from such a crappy day and could have just dismissed my reply or been resentful of my obviously relaxing experience but instead you chose an attitude of mind which saw a positive in it for you and to take personal strength from that... A sign of a true survivor who won't be held prisoner by some wayward immune system whilst having the strength of character to give to others despite your own suffering... Huge respect here for you and a big hope that things start to right themselves again for you very soon.


    P.S. If you have garden try sitting on the grass (if physically possible if not on a chair with feet resting on the grass) and listening to his Holiness chanting... It's very grounding!!!

  • Lovely reply Ali......XX

  • Yes, JeanaBrlle, I agree. Ali's response really touched me. Jo

  • I can't remember who posted it, but someone wrote that 80% of people with RA become crippled and that mortality is reduced by 18 years. So, I responded saying how unhelpful these 'facts' (which I regard as erroneous) would be to someone just diagnosed. If the post has been removed, it sounds as if NRAS admin agree with me.

  • But where did you get the 80% crippled and life reduced by 18 years from?

  • But to be clear, do you honestly believe what Jora asked, the statistic statement I mean?

  • Interesting. Thank you.

  • I'm not surprised. Regardless of your intent ( which I do not doubt) To include such alarming ( and ubstantiated) statistics does not help the credibility of Greger's video. J

  • I wouldn't correct him as I'm not the expert, but I might ask him where he got his stats from. Or you could :)

  • I didn't remove the post, but felt that NRAS should know that the stats quoted were very very different from the ones they post for their members.

    I'm glad you are enjoying the chanting.

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