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How to find a good Rheumatology team

Hi I have just relocated to Cambridge from Manchester I had a great team there and looking to find similar in south east - can recommend a good rheumatologist please? I take enbrel and currently reducing my dose of salazopyrin. I recently stopped my Methotrexate (due to liver tox) and it is a crucial time so I would appreciate establishing a relationship with a new doctor sooner rather than later. Thanks

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Dnt live in that area myself, however have you looked on the NHS website for Gp surgeries and hospitals for the area? They list what the surgeries do and have patient reviews. Good luck with your search.


Yes - I have the choice of :

West Suffolk Hospital

Hinchingbrooke Hospital

The Queen Elizabeth Hospital


Thetford Community Healthy Living Centre

But wanted to get feedback on whether anyone can recommend one over the other


I've messaged you, Trucall. Clemmie


I go to addenbrooks and been recently to there OT joint protection course, the staff were great and I met people in similar conditions to mine.


Hi, Please could you tell me whose team you were under in Manchester. Many thanks.


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