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Today's appt

Went well. Not been put on Biologics but I have been put on steroid tablets instead of having huge 160mg injections every 6-8weeks. Will be put on Sulphazalazine if the MTX injections don't improve me (apparently the MTX injections are up to 30% more effective...?) and the steroids will be reduced week on week. If the pain returns then they know the injections havnt worked and they'll add in Sulpha, if I manage to come of the steroids totally then they know the MTX has worked. So, I have a plan, which at the end of the day, is all we want, isn't it? To be heard and to know what the health professionals are going to do to help us. If there is no improvement on Sulpha after being on that, then I will considered for Biologics. That'll be around October. But I'm looking forward to these Prednisalone tablets 30mgs kicking in! Very positive! We talked about exercises for my hands and fingers, not wearing my splint all the time (taking off every hour and warming in warm water with exercises) and hydrotherapy and Pilates. Was great to look to the future, so even though I'm shattered and achy, I can look ahead with a plan.

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Hi I am pleased you have come away with a comprehensive plan and what sounds like true determination! Being listened to makes all the difference. Good luck with it all and try to keep the exercises going. Hugs (gentle to you) hope your little ones are well xxx keep us posted on progress. X

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Great news! So glad to hear you have a proper plan, especially one that flags up biologics if the DMARDs don't deliver and which includes physio and exercise. I bet you feel much more secure and hopeful. It really sounds like you have a good rheumy.

I hope the steroid tablets kick in very soon.

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Glad there has been a plan put in place. I started a 3 week course last Thursday of steroids, by Saturday I was buzzing! I haven't felt this great in a long long time although I am mindful of when I finish I may not feel as well.

We all need a little help with the dreadful disease and especially with a very young family to look after such as yourself, my youngest is now 16 but i still struggle.

Good luck with them steroids and I hope the mix of mtx and sulfazalzine will do the job for you.



I know what you mean, it can make such a difference when there's a plan rather than feeling as though you're just in a boat going down the rapids with no guarantee you won't hit a rock. I'm lots better on injections though oddly when I started them I went from 15mg tablets to 20mg injections though had to come back down to 15mg as my liver objected but yes injections seem to be more efficient, as I understand it more is absorbed.

I'm on a maintenance dose of steroids (low dose) because each time I try to taper I flare. I do hope you they help you, I would think you'll notice a difference when doing your hand exercises, I see them as oil for my joints.... they're not as creaky & I can move more freely with them. x


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