Infections and triple therapy


In your experiences have you found it takes longer to shrug off infections whilst on mtx hydrox and sulpha. Been on mtx since jan injections only 3 weeks.

This is the first infection since then, chest and throat. Started antibiotics on wed with 30 mg of preds.

Still feeling rough. My joints are playing up though which doesn't help. Just wondered if you find it takes a little longer to shrug these things off.

Thank you

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  • Hi moomie, I was on triple therapy until a couple of weeks ago; humira, MTX and leflunomide. Nuclear levels of medication. ;) I was constantly unwell with viral and bacterial infections. It was defeating the purpose of having stable RA because the infections were flaring up my joints! I have been taken off lef. and I'm waiting for it to come out of system.

    It might be worth a medication review? Hydroxy isn't an immunosuppressant and I can't recall about sulpha but it may be the MTX. What dose are you on?

    Wish you well.

  • Thanks. Only on 12.5 mg at the moment, I had problems and it has been reduced stopped then restarted. Nurse wanted biologics passed the assessment then Reg said try arava, that didn't happen. Plan at the moment is to increase mtx upto 20mg if I do not get side effects this time with sub cut. My Nurse wants a good chat in Nov so will see then, she was not happy with the last Reg appointment.

    I hope you get sorted soon and do not have major problems in the meantime.

  • Don't know about shrugging them off but I'm on prednisolone - 6 weeks into a gradually reducing 12 week course, I started hydroxycholoroquine three weeks ago and in that time I've had a really nasty UTI that made me feel really ill and sick ( it was probably the antibiotics) and I kept waking during the night on Wednesday and when I did my peak flow I discovered it had suddenly dropped by 100 points, I got it back up again but I feel like I've got a chesty cold and I see it has gone down by 50 points again, so it might be a coincidence but I seem to be picking 'things' up since starting on my meds.

  • That is rubbish, you know I have not done my peak flow just kept using the ventolin. I agree about the antibiotics though and the sickly feeling. I cannot move the headache either. Sleeping has been a problem for a while, not getting to sleep I am always tired, its the waking up every couple of hours and clock watching.

    Do hope your uti clears soon. Isn't cranberry juice good to drink for that ? That is as long as you do not take warfarin.

  • Not rubbish. I felt weird which was why I used my peak flow - I never used to have one until the practise asthma nurse called me in and decided that I wasn't using my brown inhaler properly - well I wasn't. I was given 'the big talking to', a peak flow thing, and chart to plot all my readings etc. I've got ventolin but if I use my brown preventer properly and regularly then I very rarely need to use my Ventolin.

    I decided to take it all seriously and I took my two puffs night and morning and realised that - surprise, surprise the chest pains I used to get regularly have gone altogether.

    I knew I felt odd but I was pretty surprised when I used the peak flow on Thursday and saw such a drop, although since I got into the swing of using my brown inhaler properly I only do the peak flow every now and again. I think it is probably a coincidence and the Autumn weather is affecting my asthma.

    UTI gone thank goodness, I was peeing blood and felt really ill. It used to be cranberry juice but I gather nowadays that any sort of fluids does the trick.

    No I asked both the doctor and the pharmacist about mixing antibiotics with my propranolol and hydroxycholoroquine and my BP meds and both said it was fine.

  • I was told by my nurse to stop my methotexate and biologics when taking antibiotics ???

  • No, I reminded the doctor of what all I was taking, then the pharmacist and both said it was ok.

  • Its a wonder any of us survive !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • There's a lot of variation - depends on you (age, general health etc), the specific antibiotic, the problem the antibiotic is treating etc etc. So no absolute standard about whether you stop RA mess or not when taking antibiotics.

  • I have been told that it depends which antibiotic. Most are ok.

  • Ive been told the opposite by my RA nurse - don't take antibiotics with RA drugs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Different story from different Drs/Nurses !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sorry I didn't mean rubbish as in you. Just at what you was having to deal with.

    It sounds like you have the asthma regime sorted which is good..Do hope you continue to improve.

    I have never discussed the likely hood of antibiotics and infections with my nurse maybe I should next visit.

    Thank you all Moomie

  • 😊 thanks Moomie, I thought you meant that what I said was rubbish.

    No I'm a 'belt and braces ' person. I always remind everyone of what I'm taking hopefully that way they won't end up giving me something that will disagree with something I'm already on and end up killing me off rather than curing me.

  • I hope I didn't offend you, it was never meant to come over like that. I always do say things the wrong way round. So sorry.

    Yes I think you are right checking everything, maybe I should my posts before sending :) would help if I put reading glasses on too.

    Take care x

  • No problem, have to say I was a bit surprised when I thought you thought I was talking rubbish. Don't give it a second thought, also have to say my body really did feel totally rubbish at the time 😉

  • I've been on 20mg MTX, 400mg hydroxy & 2g sulpha over 5 years now and have been fine. Hardly a sniffle and when I do catch something there's no difference to before.

  • Thank you that is useful to know. I just wondered if it did affect things. I take 12.5 mg max 400 mg Hydrox and 3 g of sulpha plus Naproxen.

    Thank you

  • I have always stoped my ra treatment until I have recoverdd from the infection I had. Thdn started my treatme nt. I thought this was what we suppose to do. Anyway if your autoimion system fighting the cold or infection it will be too busy to attack you. I hope that is helpful. Cheers

  • Like the idea that if my autoimmune system is fighting something else it will be too busy to attack me. 😊

  • Yes thank you, and a good thought.

  • I have just started triple therapy I'm on Metz ink 25 msg up from 20 msg, 500mgs of sulfazalasine and 200mgs off Hydroxychloriquine which have just been added and I'm feeling great I've lost 7pound in weight in the last 2 weeks which have helped greatly and I'm starting work on Monday so I hope it continous I think the triple therapy added on is the wee addition I needed but I can say this is the best I've felt since getting this disease so long may it continue

  • Popsmith1874, I'm SO glad that the triple therapy seems to be helping you! I've been following your posts, and I know you were upset about not being put on biologics. Congrats on getting a good combination that helps!

  • As I say at the moment I'm feeling the best I've been in 2 years so we will see, I know I'm going t be tired back at work but I think losing 7 pounds in 2 weeks has helped but I think the triple therapy might have been the wee extra boost I needed

  • I am really pleased this is beginning to work for you. Great news, take it easy at work and don't over do it.

    Wow wish I could lose 7lbs, only been on 30 mgs of preds for 4 days and put on 2 lbs. Joints feel better though, last day today.

    Really pleased this regime is working for you, after the disappointment of the biologics.

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