Hi all, hope the recent sunshine has eased your pain and raised your spirits ! I was diagnosed with RA in 2009. Have tried various meds with varying results -I have been on Methotrexate since diagnosis on 25mg but I am presently on 15mg Methotrexate in pen form which I inject myself { lessens the nausea it gives me }. I have had 4 cycles of Rituximab with some results but am now about to start on Abatercept which initially will be done by a nurse who will visit me at home and then I can do it myself weekly at home. Yay no more hospital infusions !! I am quite nervous though - new drug- possibly new side effects- I would like to ask for feedback from anyone who is on this therapy please, it may help my fears and worries ! Thank You Take Care of yourselves

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  • Abatacept took a long while to work and I think only the addition of 200mg hydroxy after 6 months (+ the 9-12 weeks for it to work) made the difference. My rheumy team kept with it as I possibly only have one more option at the moment and cannot tolerate MTX. Often the following afternoon after morning injection I spent sleeping but that has eased. Farm

  • Thanks for your reply Farm - I'm lucky that I can tolerate MTX apart from the nausea and wiped out feeling. I hope your rheumy team find a solution that works for you Take Care of yourself. mumsynana

  • I'm about to start on Abatacept too. I'm on MTX and hydroxy. Tried hunira and Rituximab Been diagnosed since 2009 with RA and fibro. Feeling fed up. Still working as a nanny looking after twins for three days a week. Don't want to stop working. Hoping for better luck. Fingers crossed for both of us

  • Hi Georgia3 - thanks for your reply. Wow I don't know how you do it - Twins ! well done you !! Unfortunately I lost my job in 2012 I was gutted at the time but have to say I have come around to being "retired" Let's hope Abatacept is going to be " the one " for both of us ! mumsynana6

  • Hi, I am on week 8 of abatacept. Tried and failed with enbrel. I'm still on mtx and lefl. So far so good! I've had no side effects to date and the injection is really simple. Have to say I'm feeling pretty good at present, tiredness is gone ( or very much reduced) and no pain or swelling anywhere. I did have a steroid jab 6 weeks ago so hard to know if it's just that working......I live in hope! Good luck and hope it goes well for you x

  • Hi thanks for your reply Beaches2 - that sounds hopeful ! Glad it seems to be helping you - long may it last ! Take Care and enjoy the summer ! mumsynana6

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