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"Injection" clinic

Silly me - I thought the injection clinic is where they give you injections (I assumed steroids). So after looking forward to potential relief of an injection into a particularly painful knuckle with lots of fluid seen in the ultrasound, I've been told that the injection clinic is where you are assessed to see if it's appropriate. I wish this had been explained to me so that I could have managed my expectations. I'm happy to trust my rheumy that for me getting all my painful joints under control with more medication (hydroxychloroquine is being added to mtx) is the way to go but I was so disappointed that pain relief won't be any time soon.

So now I've got an appointment with an optician, xrays of my feet, a new prescription and a referal to orthotics - all as a result of a trip to the injection clinic :-)

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Yes you can have an assessment meeting before the treatment you are waiting for.

The last two weeks for me was a good example. I was passing blood and was called into the clinic that does the application, they checked m over had a chat then gave me more medications to take before the treatment. I was taken in today and had the actual operation and was given my results at the end of the treatment. I was lucky that the examination was positive and was given a clean bill of health.

Procedures are now going this way more often now and this prevents tests etc are required. This in some instances saves money and prepares the patient before the expensive procedure is done. Personally I do not feel it takes longer this way all it does is allow saving time on the ward



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