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Leflunomide cholestyramine wash out. Please help!

I was prescribed cholestyramine 4g sachets today by my GP on the advice of my rheumatologist as a washout treatment.

My gp only had available to him the dosage for general treatment using cholestyramine (1 sachet a day for a week then 2 sachets a day for week etc.) not washout dosage. He asked me to contact the hospital to confirm what I needed to take. My rheumatologist and nurse are both on leave for the next 2 weeks!

I've looked online and have found 3x 8g a day for 11days?

Anyone had the washout and can help me?

Thanks in advance :)

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That's dreadful that your GP is expecting you to sort this out! If it were me I'd be asking the GP to find out as rheumy not available, he's the trained medic not you! Or you could try phoning 111 as they have lots of resources available to them to find things out.


Hi, I had to have the wash out a few years ago and it was 8g / 1 sachet three times a day for 11days. it is pretty yuck to take so I mixed mine in orange juice which made it more paletteable. Your pharamist should be able to advise you. As far as I know the protocol for wash out of Leflunomaide is 3 times a day.

Good luck

. Roisin



I've had the washout treatment a few months ago and if I remember rightly it was 1 sachet - 3 per day.

It's horrible stuff - got a nasty orange powdery taste. Good luck!

Terri :-)


Thank you all so much for taking the time to reply.

Thank you for sharing your experiences, i tentatively started on the 8g (2 4g sachets) 3 times a day after a lot of research.

The gp (not my usual) was completely useless and my rheummy team are just as bad. Feel let down my them on this occasion. I've been asking since January for advice about the washout and trying for a baby and they've only just got back to me 2 weeks ago.

I'll keep plodding on with this awful toxic drink then and hope the nausea it's bringing eases!

Wouldn't Mind but I haven't taken leflunomide for 1 year but it's recommended 2 years break before pregnancy.

Thanks again :)


I have just started the wash out for leflunomide did you suffer with a really sore throat with these drinks as mine is terrible.



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