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Hi all, I'm just wondering does anybody have a bloated feeling after taking mtx 15mg/folic acid 5mg have noticed I seem to be bloated most of the time, I also have a pancreatic pseudo cyst & a swollen kidney not sure if contributing to the fatness!!I still haven't got hold of rheumy after trying for two weeks (trying to fit them phoning me in around work is not easy) as I'm not feeling to great in some joints, also tried to get a phone appointment with my doctor last week but nearest time I can get is next weds!!! Feeling rather frustrated anyway sorry for going on!!! Hope everyone is well much love Michelle x

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  • No I don't Michelle, but my h had pancreatitis in the early nineties & that also left him with a pseudocyst which needed aspirating a good few times until it became too dense to do any more. I remember he was terribly bloated at the time due to that so possibly also down to the pseudocyst for you but I would have that checked out. The bloating stayed aroung for many months & he still gets it at times & he eats less than most men I know so it's not overeating but he does have IBS which can also cause similar problems. For him aloe vera juice helped quite a bit as advised by his Specialist but he's not used it for a good while now.

    I hope you manage to get hold of your Rheumy soon. If you have the option & it's a pre-book apppointment system is it worth asking your GP Practice to offer you a cancellation appointment if you're able to go at short notice?

    It's no wonder you're frustrated, I think most of us would be! x

  • Thanks I see that specialist next week will ask him about that they are measuring it to see if it's shrinking on its on x

  • Oh that's good. I do hope it is going of it's own accord but there are options if it isn't. My h's couldn't be done at our hospital so was under a Consultant at Wythenshawe & another Manchester hospital, can't remember the name now but both were excellent, wonderful care even though the procedure isn't too pleasant. This is all assuming that this is the cause, hopefully it isn't & whatever is can be easily sorted. x

  • Hi Michelle,

    In my experience the swollen kidney will also contribute to the bloated feeling and if it's not filtering effectively will contribute to joint pain. I'd follow NMHs suggestions re speaking to your GP.

    All the best


  • Thanks see that specialist week after next will ask him as well cause they're not sure whether to try & unblock it or take it out! X

  • Ouch! Know that one kidney can effectively filter for a body and sometimes can do it better that when it was doing when trying to clean the body and carry an ineffective kidney.... Hopefully it won't come to that and an 'unblocking' will be possible.

    Good luck


  • Hi Michelle, I read your post with interest because I have some similarities to you !! I had a pseudo cyst on pancreas and had surgery on it about six years ago. I have a yearly CT scan to make sure all is ok. However, post surgery I rapidly developed diabetes because my pancreas was only producing very small amount of insulin and was left very shrunken. I have been on insulin ever since and managing quite well with it so far ! I had to go to specialist hospital for the surgery (Queen Elizabeth,,Birmingham). I do still get much bloating and acid reflux and it is quite debilitating for me. I take Ranitidine, Colpermin and Colofac meds. At the time when I started my pancreas symptoms I was also struck,down with RA, My Rheumy seems to think they were both connected to my dodgy immune system.

    I do still suffer bloating and stomach discomfort. I find certain foods make things worse, so i am careful what I eat for instance no coffee, fatty foods, fizzy foods, things like that.

    I also have weekly MTX injections but it doesn't unduly affect my stomach problems, just makes me feel,nauseous for couple of days. I also take aloe Vera juice, seems to help a bit. Are you seeing Gastro enterologist regularly ? They are the experts regarding your pancreatic problems, and can advise on meds etc. hope you manage to get appointment with your GP soon, lynda xx

  • Thanks Linda I'm being monitored every 3 months at the minute just have scans done & then see specialist 2 weeks later last time he said it was shrinking slowly but I see him on Thursday & im going to ask about feeling bloated, because so far he seems rather vague x will let u no how I get on xx

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