Sharp pain in thigh

Hello. Just seeking a little advice I was diagnosed with RA 16months ago.

I spent most of Good Friday in A&E as I was experiencing very sharp intermittent pain in my thigh. It's the sort of pain that comes on without warning makes me scream involuntarily and leaves my whole leg feeling very weak. When I eventually saw a doctor he said it might be nerve pain unrelated to the RA in my knees or maybe shingles (I had that 5 years ago) it's been quite bad though and today I've had about 5 episodes of pain which leave me sweaty and feeling a bit nauseous. Just wondered if anyone has experienced anything similar?

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  • Yes I experience this type of pain quite often. I have small fiber neuropathy as part of my RA. It is pretty shocking but it passes and I just try and breathe deeply. I am getting it in my knuckles and wrists presently but have had it just about everywhere at some stage - even in my jaw and ears, under an armpit and in my groin! fortunately I have found mine goes in stages or it would be unbearable.

  • Hi Twitchytoes. Thanks for responding I had been getting very concerned as it's affecting my 'good' leg and is a bit shocking when it happens as it's so severe. sorry you have been getting it in so many different areas but thanks for sharing your experience. Do you think it's worth mentioning to my rheumy nurse?

  • Defintely worth mentioning because it could be part of the inflammatory process for you as I think it is for me. Inflammation can affect our nerves and tendons - RA isn't just a disease of the joints as I'm sure you know. Hope it's a one off and goes away never to return. X

  • Will do. Thanks again and enjoy the rest of the Easter Break. X

  • Hi thanks so much for your response. Thats exactly what my rheumatologist just diagnosed.

  • I've been getting this. Orthpaedic surgeon diagnosed Throchanteric Bursitis and I had 2 steroid injections directly into my hip. The pain has settled quite a bit and I need physio for it. Clemmie

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