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Last call! We need your views ahead of the NICE review of RA drugs

Hi Everyone,

Thank you if you've already taken part in the survey I posted earlier in the week! We are so close to getting 1000 responses and as the survey closes today, I hoped you could give us that last push if you haven't done it yet!

In order to build our patient organisation submission prior to the review by National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) of 7 biologic treatments, we need to hear your experiences ASAP.

If you are over 18, have RA and live in the UK, please take our survey at

The survey takes approximately 10-15 minutes to complete. The information will be completely anonymous unless you give permission at the end of the survey for us to contact you further.

For the same reason, we also want to hear your stories of being on or not being eligible for bilogics:

Find out more about helping out with this at

Thank you for your help!

Best wishes,

Ruth Grosart

NRAS DIgital Media Manager & HU Admin

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Ruth, don't know if it's a bit previous but the second link it doesn't appear have to have gone live yet, all that's on that page is Published: 27 Mar 2015

If anyone doesn't realise this survey is open to people on DMARDS who haven't gone onto or been considered for biologics yet. I didn't realise this until I had a peek so maybe some would like to check it out before the deadline.


Whoops sorry nomoreheels, try it now!


Got it! Thanks Ruth. Please anyone who hasn't taken a look do, it could make a big difference to your future treatment.


Pleased to say we now have over 1000 responses so thank you to everyone who has helped with this! You can still share your patient story so if you still want to help, please do so in this way.

Thanks all!

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