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Humira to enbrel and back to Humira

Has anyone had experience going back to Humira from Enbrel? I was on Humira for 13-14 years, became ineffective was put on Enbrel last July after severe flares. After a couple of months Enbrel started to work but my hands and wrists never came back and I suffer with that daily. Am onTX as well which, when first diagnosed, had no positive affect for me. Has anyone gone back to Humira with good results? Seems like my doc is taking a hit or miss attitude here...

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Hi..I am on Enbrel. Have been for 6 years. I started on humira but it didn't work very efficiently. My RA is brilliantly well controlled apart from my hands and wrists too. It's so difficult and you have my sympathy. I'm afraid I can't advise you any more on this...but just to let you know I understand the pain.

Good luck.


Hello, I was on Humira and was allergic to it, so now soon I will be starting Enbrel.

Boy, thats disappointing to have good result for 14 years then have it stop working.

Our immune systems seem to have a mind of their own, its smart and can figure its way around medications.

I wish you good luck going back on Humira, I think your doc it hoping it will kick in again since you had such good results for such a long time on Humira, maybe the switch to Enbrel and then the switchback to Humira will help the Humira kick in again and start working. Indeed everything is hit and miss, as we all react so differently to all the RD medications, no one person is the same.


Thanks, I just think my doc, who comes highly recommended, is grasping at straws as far as my treatment is concerned, he upped me from 6, 2.5mg of MTX to 8, 2.5mg but that has not accomplished anything. However, I am mobile and able to get quite a bit done, its just the pain that gets you down. really need more THC, I'd say…

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Hi Chuckg

I think it's fair to say that it is unusual to go back onto a biologic drug you have been on previously, once you have tried a different one, as they do not normally allow patients to retry a biologic once it's been deemed not to be effective enough. That doesn't mean of course that this is a bad option for you, but if you are concerned you could always ask your GP to refer you for a second opinion or just discuss your concerns with the consultant and ask if any other biologics would be an option.

Kind regards




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