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lower back and hip pain

hello. i was born with hip dysplasia and have had no problems for a very long time till recently acouple years ago when i started in a competitive dance team. i have been feeling bad hip pain and lower back pain for a few months now that has gotten worse and im not sure if this is because of the hip dysplasia. i question if this pain is serious and i should get help. any thoughts??

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Hiya kristenknight. Certainly if you feel it's worsening I would see your GP for his opinion, especially if there's a history of Rheumatoid Disease, any of the Arthritis related diseases in your family, even if not. Better to get it checked if it's becoming more painful anyway & causing problems as compensating for the pain could affect the way you walk & cause other issues.


Hi, my daughter was born with the same condition, had 14 ops during her childhood. She has always had residual pain, and it gradually worsened until she had a full hip replacement last year, aged 38.

That doesn't mean that you are in the same position, but I would advise that you ask for a referral from your gp, to get your hip looked at. It may well be that physio, or other measures would help.

I hope you get the appropriate help, and some relief. M x


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