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leg weakness

Hi, I'm new in this forum. I have recently been told I have osteoarthritis of the hip. Much pain, activity limiting, etc etc. The treatment is, first, physiotherapy. Next, an injection (if physio doesn't work, I suppose), then replacement. But hopefully that's a long way off. The thing that bothers me most at the moment is the weakness that has developed in my leg/s. I am a line dancer, and that was the first thing to go, sadly. I can't walk far now, so that sort of exercise is not an option. I can't even stand for any length of time. Has anyone had any treatment (besides replacement) that has resulted in better leg strength? I'm really quite worried (frantic!) that I will never dance again. I'm 73, btw.

Thanks for listening.


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All I can suggest is have the hip operation, you will hopefully get some movement back.

Would imagine it will help you getting around, but line dancing, ask your GP

Good Luck


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I can't help much I'm afraid except to say welcome to our site & I hope that the injection works for you. You never know your Physio might just say that line dancing could be good exercise to help build your muscles again. Hopefully it won't come to an op for some time but I believe that they've perfected it lol!

I hope you have more replies from others with experience of a replacement. I do have OA it's just about now it's controlled with hourly release meds. Best wishes.


Hi jan

Sorry to hear about your hip, hope the physio/ injection helps. I have very minimal OA in my hip so far so cannot relate but have you thought of swimming? Great exercise for the legs. Even if you just went in the water and kicked holding on to the side. Aqua fit is great fun too alas I had to give it up because of my poor inflamed feet. also you might try a second hand exercise bike or a pedlar?

My mum has awful OA in her hip and had good success with her steroid injection. She cycles at home on her bike watching tv.

Hope that helps

Take care and let us know how you get on

KiKi x


Thank you for your comments. I have thought about an exercise bike, will look into that. I would love to swim, but I actually don't like the thought of all the effort it would take to get to the nearest swimming pool, getting changed etc. If I had a garden pool, I could do that! I've never heard of traction treatment, I might ask my physio....tomorrow is my first session. I have surmised that most people in this forum have RA, with a bit of OA thrown in in some cases. I'm feeling quite optimistic today, and hoping for a lot of improvement tomorrow. I will keep in touch.



I have really minimal OA in my hip as well, but when I was having problems with it, the leg would just sort of collapse on me. Part of my physio was traction, and it made an enormous difference. I'm not sure that applies to you, but I'd definitely ask the physio for suggestions on how to minimize the pain as well as strengthen your legs.

take good care, -Bat


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