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Have started running/jogging again and am making my way up to 4km as am doing a 4km on Mothering Sunday, it will be my 1st race for a good few years. I use to do the Race for Life over a few years and that was it, but now I have the bug for running again. It has helped changing to injections on MTX as am not getting sick anymore or being sick. I do find it hard work getting out there, but once am out running I feel brilliant. I am doing the 5k this year, but if I can manage it would like to do the 10k too, but will see.

The injections are easier than I thought they were going to be, am seeing the rummey nurse in 6 weeks and they are saying she will put them up as am taking 15mg, but dont know what it will go up to. She said my swelling has come down, but not enough at the moment and she said they would like it to come down a lot more. My nurse said in 6 weeks she is going to start to reduce my steroids if the swelling has come down more.

My knees are doing ok at the moment with the running,, I do take my pain killers before I run and it seems to be working.

On the other matter of work, I spoke to my boss and he is speaking to the Dm, but she came back to work on sat and she was very funny with me, I felt very awkward working with her, she seemed offish to me. I am dreading if she says anything to me or asks me to go into the office with her as I think she will. I will just have to be strong and not get intimiated with her and if she has a go at me I will put it in the letter to the HR.

Thanks for listening and I hope you are all having pain free days.

Carol xxx

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it must feel fab being able to get out there and pound the pavement again :) i soooo miss being able to go for a run. good luck with the 4k and keep working towards the 10 - hope the pain stays away x


thank you for your reply Vanessa, yes I hope the pain stays away, am really enjoying being able to run with the sun shining today it was lovely, even with a strong wind. I hope you manage to run again soon.

Hope you are having a pain free day today. x

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