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After Re-Revision

Hi. Well after a tough wait surgery is now over and Im out of hospital! The surgery was very big but went bettr than expected which is brilliant. Post op was pretty tough but the care was great. Im now in a convalescence home, on a crazy coctail of pain meds and on crutches with "toe touching", cant go very far or sit for very long but its great to be at this stage. Ive also been lent a wheelchair, never thought Id be glad to have one, but right now its representing freedom after months if being housebound!

Still dont know what the outcome will be, but things are looking positive for the first time in months!

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Glad to hear it, onwards and upwards is the saying. Stay positive .

Sending hugs to help.



Thank you!


WHat op have you had re-done Lizzie? i ask because i had a op re-done on my knee because it was done right the first time. It was hard the second time, but i am happy to say i recovered very well and my surgeon was very chuffed at my recovery as it was a mess in there when he went in. So i wish you a speedy recovery and know you will be fine.xxxx


Hi. It was the third hip replacement on my right hip. A big reconstruction but hopefully a good one. My left hip has been done twice but seems to be holding on at present thankfully


Hi Lizziemay,

best wishes for a speedy recovery. Glad all seems to have gone well,

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Thanks very much!


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