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Methotrexate & srteriods


Feeling sorry for myself, feeling totally spaced out flu type feeling & fed up, seem to get panicky too, spoke to nurse the other day who wasn't really bothered when I told her how I feel. Just can't cope with this for another 7weeks with three children ?x

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I'm sorry you're feeling so rotten. Do you think it's due to the steroids or the fluey feeling? If it worsens as suggested before do see your GP, as your primary he should help if you mean you think you're coming down with something or if it's developing into more than a cold. It's not clear to me what "another 7 weeks" relates to, your post is a tad sketchy. :(

Oral steroids send me into rather weird places, so could well be them. But sounds like you need to talk to your GP about all this, and ask for help more generally. maybe you could discuss starting slowly tapering off the steroids now you've been on MTX a while. And try normal NSAIDS instead?

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Sorry forgot to say I'm on steriods for 7 more weeks & tapering down even though I've cut 1mg down I'm getting pain already don't think methotrexate will work with me I've been on for 8week already. Will speak to doctor but they will probably keep me in them as I can't take any other inflammatries due to being asthmatic x

Have you asked if it's possible to have a steroid injection.? I get terrible anxiety & can hardly function on Prednisolone, but one Depomedrone injection works beautifully & it really dulls the RD pain.

As far as I understand Mtx can take a while to kick do give it a chance ...I am off it now, but i took it very successfully for .7 years.

Let's hope it can be sorted out quickly.

All best Kathy

I did mention to the nurse but wasn't really bothered when I mentioned about anxiety I just keep getting short tempered not ideal with three children, wonder if it's money related x

I would think your Rheumy will probably want you to stay on MTX to see if you respond, your bloods may show that it is working. It's often used as an anchor drug for other meds so important to know if you are responsive to it. I know 8 weeks might seem a long time probably because you're a busy mum & you're struggling but 12 weeks, sometimes longer, is normal to wait before it's determined whether it's effective or not. It will be working away at your RD but it's possible you've not noticed it yet because of the steroids, they''ll have been keeping the inflammation at bay. RD isn't selective, but your meds will probably be having a harder time trying to be effective because you're on the go all the time being a busy mum to 3 children. I take it they're youngsters & not old enough to take some responsibility? The less you do the easier it is for your meds to do their good work it was explained to me by my Consultant when I started on a new DMARD. Do you have a good support network around you, someone to take a bit of the pressure off you if your children are young?

Do you keep your own drug monitoring book for when you have your bloods taken? If so it might be useful to track how you've responded to MTX from the first time they were taken, how & if figures have altered or not, whichever the case may be, the steroids will have formed part of your lowered inflammatory levels (ESR & CRP). Of course it might be the MTX dose is not quite right for you, it is often a fine line & it can be a little trial & error at the start of treatment. The flu-type feeling is indicative of being uncontrolled, your GP should be able to reassure you & consider what he can do to help you.

Do you have more than one point of contact within your Rheumy team? I have a few nurses I can speak to but there is one I choose not to speak with, the first one I contacted when I was in flare, as she reacts similarly to the one you spoke to, always very busy & it shows in her treatment of patients, (trying to be diplomatic here)! if you have more than one it could serve you well to note down the name of one who is helpful even when busy. ;)

Thank you nomoreheels I don't have support with my children they are 4 & 17month old twins so no rest unfortunately. Might ring the nurse helpline again & explain how I'm feeling on the steriods x

I would, you might just get a better response, hopefully anyway.

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