Alendronic acid and tooth extraxion

I have been taking this drug for 4 1/2 years, and have a reoccurring tooth abscess, which has just flared again. My dentist now wants to send me to hospital to have the tooth out, as just having had a total hip replacement there is concern over the infection travelling to my hip. Has anyone out there had a tooth out after taking alendronic acid, if so what happened?

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  • Hello there. I haven't had an extraction yet, but I have a troublesome back tooth which which might have to go. I saw my dentist last week and discussed the problems this might cause because of my taking AA due to Pred. He told me he's treated quite a few patients on AA who have needed extractions and the main issue seems to be that the bone sometimes has problems healing afterwards, but not everyone has this trouble by any means. Having said that, as you have recently had surgery, that's another issue, and a possible problem with a risk of infection. I would say that hospital is the best place for you to be. Angela

  • Thanks, Angela, for your reply. I shall wait for my appointment with the dental specialist and just see what he says. Nothing ever goes to plan, does it!

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