Midnight Ben Nevis Climb for RA

Midnight Ben Nevis Climb for RA

Hi guys,

My name is Maxine, I am 26yrs old

And have had RA for almost 4yrs.

Like everyone else who has RA I have peaks and troughs with my health but have become much more stable since I started using Enbrel.

As a result I like to go on hikes even if I do end up paying for it the next day. Having seen a group online that do a charity walk for Alzheimer's I decided I would like to try and start one off to support the people and medical research into

This disease.

If anyone would like to do it or has family and friends who would be interested in starting something like this with me. I would love to hear from you.

Kind Regards


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This disease as in RA- just to be clear


Hi Maxine - this sounds like a great plan. Have you considered doing this for NRAS - the charity that support people with RA? It is a small charity doing a great job and always needs support from its members with RA? In which case you should contact the fundraising team - number will be listed on the homepage. Good luck!


Thanks for the response I would certainly do it for NRAS. Would you or any of your friends and family take part do you think?


I will ask my sons but they are at uni so it would probably depend on how busy they are at the time. If there's a plan I'll try and follow it and join in if I'm able to but I live much further north.


Brilliant. This idea is still in it's very embryonic stages at the moment but I'm hoping to find out a bit more about what I need to do in order to turn it into a reality over the next couple of weeks x


Hi Maxine it would be a brilliant idea, and would be intrested, but do you mean you would do the walk at midnight?? Also would need lots of notice etc As would have to book time off work, x


It's a great idea, but please keep in touch with the local mountain rescue. I've friends who work with them in assynt, and the number of times they put their lives at risk for people who need to take more precautions. And good luck!

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Maybe!! Can you keep me informed of your plans. I am having a flare up at moment but feel like I need a challenge to aim for. I did climb snowdon last summer in my unfit state, so hoping I would be able to do Ben Nevis with a bit of training!


Hi Maxine, thought I would drop you a note as I am the Events Fundraiser for NRAS and we would love you to climb Ben Nevis in aid of NRAS. Perhaps you could get in touch either by giving me a call on 01628 501547 or by email at as there are a number of organised trips available for you to sign up to and I would be happy to recommend one for you

I would like to mention that we don't undertake research ourselves, however that doesn't mean we don't get involved with research and this is something I would be very happy to go through with you.

We would be delighted if you wore an NRAS t-shirt on your challenge so do let me know what size you would like, they come in s/m/l/xl.

Any other help I can give please don't hesitate to let me know. I look forward to hearing from you very soon and thank you for choosing to support us in this way.



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