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back on track

well you don't know what you can do till you try .my computer got a virus the dreaded blue screen.could not splash the cash ,I had watched my husband mess around over the years so I totally wiped clean the system and reinstalled putting on new programs and over 10 thousand photos . I always thought it was a man thing you guys have been having me on thinking its hard to do ,its the same with car fixing that's easy when you know how lol feeling pleased with my self

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Hey....well done you! You've every right to be pleased with yourself. What with that, a new baby in March & you eventually getting your PIP, it's turning out to a good start to the year. x :)


The 'new June' strikes again! Well done! Angela.


woo hoo good on you!


Good for you. I have found that I'm much more computer savvy than any of my male family, and sort their problems out!!!!

Computer problems are usually rectified with good old common sense. Enough said!

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