And possibly another condition as well!

For the past year I have had consistently high blood pressure results which I have said is not normal for me. I'm now on 3 lots of tablets for it but it still doesn't come down. The a couple of months a go two consultants thought that my face looked as though I had Cushings (fat, round face).

Both arranged blood tests where the more comprehensive one showed that this could be true.

So more tests have got to be arranged, an appt came through for one is 6 weeks time - an urgent one!!!

It's also the day we are due to go to Israel for 10 days.

I know I have a small pituitary lump which could be causing the problems which also include easy bruising; tiredness; muscle weakness, headaches - I tick all the boxes but then I have RA as well so how much is confusing the symptoms of each!!?!!

I'm struggling walking due to the muscle weakness which I have been blaming on my knee replacement of 11 months a go - although I walked better & further just after it than I do now! Also my foot is giving me real problems with my 2nd toe curling up & being very painful.

I'm still waiting to start biologics as well.

I just want everything to get sorted, I need to know what's happening so I can work out if we can go to Israel of not. At the moment I don't think I can walk far enough to justify it, it's costing a lot of money so I want to be able to get the most of out of it which I don't think I will at the moment. Also got to prove to the insurance company that we do have ground to cancel on ill health!


Sorry it's a long post! :)

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Hi PaulineS

Sorry to hear that you are having such a bad time, I was wondering how the knee was working out. Mine was fine until I had a bad fall on it, it's taking a long time to recover!

Is it possible to ring the hospital, and ask if an earlier appt is possible, due to the circumstances?

Failing that, the CAB might be able to advise you about your travel insurance, and help with a claim.

I do hope that you get a proper diagnosis soon, and that leads to successful treatment Please keep in touch

Best wishes. M x


It's good that your consultants are trying to identify causes of your problems - frustrating tho' I'm sure it must be. As hatshesput says it could be worth trying to change the appointment, although risks even more of a delay. But if you do, and you decide to go to Israel anyway there are often places where you can hire wheelchairs for a week or so, or even electric scooters for about £80 a week - is one that Mr google threw up straight away so there are bound to be others. It would be a shame to go and not be able to move around since it's such a fascinating place.


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