Pregnant :)

I am PREGNANT !!!! 16 weeks for today and I am really excited. Actually its mixed feeling, I am anxious many thoughts come to my mind. Its scary too wondering what next. Currently I am only on prednisolone 5mg. I stopped Enbrel as soon as I conceived. My joints are slightly swollen but its manageable.

I hope everything goes smoothly. Fingers crossed :)

Wishing everyone a pain free and healthy 2015 XX

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  • Congratulations! !! What a great new year you have to look forward to! !!

    Hope all goes well. Maybe x

  • Congratulations. Hope it all goes well and you can manage your joints throughout the pregnancy. Take it easy as you can bet your life you will be very busy once the baby is born!!

  • Congratulations! What a lovely way to start the new year. All my best wishes for you and your 'bump'.

  • Wow that's great news - well done and good luck - try not to worry too much as it won't help. Twitchy

  • That's great news! I wish you a particularly healthy & happy new year. Hope all goes according to plan & congratulations to you both. :)

  • congratulations

  • Brilliant new! What a way to start the New Year in. You take care of yourself. X x

  • Congratulations, what wonderful and uplifting news. All the best for the new year

  • Wonderful news for you. I hope it all goes smoothly and you are able to manage.

  • Congratulations.

  • Congratulations!

  • Wonderful news---- take extra care of yourself x

  • Congrats somo!

    I got pregnant after I'd had my RA 10 years. I took prednisolone all the way through to keep my flare at bay. My obstetriciàn said it was important for me to be well as healthy mum healthy baby. I have a gorgeous son. I would see if you can see an occupational therapist for hand splints if you don't already have them. Choose your pram very carefully. It needs to be light and easy to get in and out of a car boot or fold up easily for pyblic transport. I would also have a changing station on each floor of your home and a Moses basket/cot/bed.

    Really pleased for you.

    Take care kikideelili

  • Brilliant news! Congratulations on your pregnancy to you and your partner! :)

  • Congratulations!

    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

  • Fabulous news ! As Kikd says many people manage TA and pregnancy, so enjoy !! Hat a great 2015 x

  • Thank you all :)

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