Thanks everyone!

Just a quick thankyou to everyone who's been in touch since I asked about taking Omeprazole with Celecoxib - I spoke to our pharmacist earlier and he says yes, I can definitely take Omep. And, since I still have a supply of 20mg ones left over from a few months back, I'm sorted! Obviously I'll check with GP too but no mad panic today. So that's me on Methotrexate injections 15mg, Celecoxib 100mg twice a day, and now Omeprazole 20mg. Thank you all for help and advice, and if at all possible, have a good Christmas.


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That's great Sheena, no panic & hopefully no sore tum! Do double check with your GPt though just so you're covered but as your Pharmacist has confirmed it's normal for them to be prescribed to take alongside! I'd let him know you asked advice! Let's hope your mix does a good job. Hope you have a good Christmas too. x


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