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Eye issues

I've been/am having slight problems with my left eye over the last month or so. First off was a small cyst inside the lower eyelid, which was diagnosed by my optician. She also gave my eyes a good going over and could find nothing wrong. The cyst dispersed after a week or so. A fortnight later I felt slight discomfort lower down in the same eyelid, couldn't see anything inside the eyelid, but it looked slightly inflamed. Also, the outer area below my eye looked a little creased and saggy. That seems to have eased this last day or so but has now been replaced with what appears to be a whisp on the edge of lower eyelid. Sort of wondering how I'm getting these continual seemingly minor problems. I'm wondering if it could be my meds causing them, or maybe they're RA related? I'm currently on enbrel and methotrexate, recently stopped taking lefluomide a fortnight ago.

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hi wishbone,

sorry that you are having problems with your eyes. Sometimes the eyes can be affected by the RA. I have put a link below to an article from one of our magazines about issues that may occur in the eyes:

Eye inflammation is listed as one of the uncommon side effects of Enbrel and I have put a link to the patient information about Enbrel below for you:

And eye irritation is listed in the possible side effects of Methotrexate also:

We are not medically trained on the helpline and I suggest that if this is an ongoing problem then it may be worth discussing it with your rheumatology team. I hope this helps you wishbone,

Best wishes

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


I have what my Nan used to call titters in my eyes. They are like little cysts, stinging, sore, irritating and they last about a week and then disperse. I am not sure if they are related to RD or fibromyalgia but I have only had them on and off this year and was diagnosed with both conditions in March this year so maybe they are related. I also have just been diagnosed with Sjorgens (not sure how long Ive had this?) and have drops for my dry, gritty eyes which helps. The best drops I got from the optician which are a bit expensive but much better than the GP prescribed ones. Gentle hugs Joolz.x


Hi joolz, Can't say that I have dry gritty eyes, but those titters sound similar to the cyst I had. As mentioned in my reply to Beverley...will phone rheumy tomorrow for advice.



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