I wanted to ask those of you on tocs how you are given the infusion. I have been on it just over 2 years , i used to have a saline drip while waiting for my meds to be made up. I would then have my tocs which would take 1 hour then 30 mins of saline to flush it through. I went yesterday they have stopped the saline before & after as there is no proof its needed.

Well i have felt terrible. A really bad head ache, shacky & just a general feeling of unwell. It might just be a coinsidence but i have never felt like this before.

Once again decissions being made about our health for us & not asking what we think. Cost cutting me thinks. Xx Alison.

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Only thing I can suggest is for you to make sure you tell them exactly what happened with your last infusion, and what was different from the other times.


Its 18 months since I had Toc and my first thought was whether the extra fluid made a difference to you but if I remember correctly it is not that much. Hope it is a coincidence and you have perhaps picked up a 'virus'. Farm


Thank you both for your replies. I have got up this morning with a sore throat so perhaps i am coming down with something. Xx Alison


I due one today, they just mix it with saline and it takes one hour, then about 15 mins to flush it through. At first I had headaches and felt rotton, but after the last two, the effects have been hardly anything.


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