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Sleep walking/Dreaming

I am writing on behalf of my sister who is having problems sleep walking, she has fallen out of bed 3 times in the last month, fortunately no injury's, she also has vivid dreams on a nightly basis, we don't know if this is due to the various medications she is on I.e. for heart, type 2 diabetes and celiac. I understand she reads for approx. 30mns before trying to sleep, her last episodes have been looking in the wardrobe, going downstairs, etc.. Any suggestions.

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Can be caused by the brain not relaxing when trying to sleep. If you have worries you need to try and put them to rest. This can also be causing vivid dreams Try relaxing for a while before sleep, possibly with a hot milk and honey. Some medications given for above can cause vivid dreaming.

If the person sleepwalks and you observe try and shuggy her back to bed without waking, if they wake up generally it does no harm and only causes confusion when taking her back to bed. Just remain calm and do not shout or make sudden movements especially on staircases

If it does not clear have words with the GP

If she is responsive ask her for a fiver, that will bring them around



How about encouraging her to meditate to calm her mind in the evening? There are quite a few good resources online at Oxford Mindfulness.


Thanks for the idea Cathie, but she is 80+ and so dammed cantankerous, I will do some research on the subject you suggested. I am concerned about her and want to help.


When my amitriptyline was increased from 10mg a night to 25mg I had vivid dreams. Though I didn't sleepwalk I did talk in my sleep. Now I've been taking it a couple of months at the increased dose I dream less frequently. Has maybe she had an increase of one of her meds recently & this is her reaction to it?

Alternatively, I don't read before I go to sleep but rather than relaxing her do you think it's increasing her brain activity, stimulating her & causing the dreams? The brain is such a minefield, it can be difficult to work out what's what.

I hope you get to the bottom of it Scorpius, it must be so concerning for you, & her.


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