Daughter's appointment

Daughter's appointment

She call appointments at right to choose today and was told to get to the unit her doctor wanted for her first appointment for new patient was end March but if she went to New Cross in Wolverhampton 20minutes drive away she could see a consultant in 16 days.So she is going there , anyone got any info on consultants there all I know is it is a female Olive

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  • Can't help Olive I'm afraid, but I'm sure someone will help you out soon.

    Lovely picture though.

  • Thanks was taken beside JFK grave in Arlington

  • Hi Olive, there's a very good rheumatologist at Wolverhamptons New Cross called Dr Dixey, he used to be my rheumy when he was at Telford. He moved to Wolverhampton about six yrs ago. I know someone else who sees a Dr Newman and he is good too.

    Whereabouts do you live ? If Shropshire I can offer bit more help if you want. Lynda xx

  • We live in Telford it's Dr Dixey I though she said female.Her first app is the day after her 40th b/day this has hit her hard but after the last few months all we want is answers and all she want is help

  • Hi Olive, I had a feeling you might live in Telford. I expect your daughter was waiting to be seen at the Community Rheumatology clinic at Hollinswood. There is a wonderful new Rheumy there called Dr El Garbi. He is very good indeed, and also has a very kind and understanding manner which I think is very important. He also goes to Newport I understand. There's a marvellous rheumatology nurse there also. It's worth ringing the Hollinswood clinic just to see if they can bring up an earlier appointment for your daughter. The choose and book system is not always reliable on getting first available date.

    Lynda xxx

  • Thanks Lynda will pas it on we both live at stirchley so Hollinswood was the place . I have GSA so some day's are hard for me I just have to support her as best I can Olive

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