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Hi--- I'm at the start of my third week of meds- 200 mg of hydrox and 15 mgs of Mtx, 5mg of f acid(once a week). After spending the first night with my head down the toilet I rang my gp who gave me anti sickness pills to take 3 times daily-- since taking those I just have permanent but slight nausea. My watch and rings are looser but the pain in my hands is still excruciating. I realise that after reading the posts on here that I appear to have so far escaped lightly re side effects( for which I am so grateful) but am just wondering if anyone can help with my question. My specialist says to take 8 co codamol daily along with 1800 mg of ibruphen--- but my local chemist, who is usually brilliant, says its not a good idea to mix mtx with anti inflams even tho Itake 60 mil of lanzoprozole. Thanks.

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Whilst having a good Pharmacist is very useful & they know about contraindications they're not Specialists in specific diseases & which meds are necessary to best control us. That said your Pharmacist is giving you the correct info for someone taking MTX at high doses or those with liver problems but not at the dose you take. In 6 years I've been prescribed celecoxib, nabumetone, meloxicam, co-codamol & etoricoxib & all have listed MTX as contraindicated, but what isn't always made clear is that it's only at higher doses or those with renal impairment there's a risk of toxicity. At the doses we take (up to 25mg) they're considered safe to take together & had your Pharmacist noted that & that he/she would have realised it wasn't necessary to advise you as he/she did.

Hope this clears it up & your co-co's & ibuprofen help you.


Thanks for that NNH- makes sense. Once the meds really kick in is there a chance that the pain will go or is it usual to carry on talking anti inflams etc?

Hope the sunhine we have here has reached you in BP. !!! X


Difficult to predict as we have varying forms & severity plus it depends on which meds we take & the dose. You're likely to rely on them at the mo until the MTX & HCQ are working to their limit but then again I've always had a daily NSAID (as above) on both MTX & HCQ although recently I've been taking my 90mg etoricoxib on alternate nights & 30/500 co-co's as required. I don't know if you take your 60mg lansoprazole in one daily dose or 30mg twice daily but as you already know NSAIDs are an issue with IBS so it'll be best for you to take NSAIDs & your ppi together as they can weaken the stomach lining which leads to irritation & know the rest! If you find ibuprofen doesn't hit the spot at the dose suggested I'd see if your GP would prescribe something with more oomph, possibly one taken once daily.

I'm sorry to hear you've had sickness. I don't know which day you take you folic acid but it might be worth moving the day or questioning if you can increase the days you take it. I used to take mine the day before & the day after MTX but my current Rheumy suggests 5mg every day except MTX day & must say I've been tons better for the increase.

It's been a beautiful morning, the same as Friday, but it's starting to cloud over now. Doesn't stop the grockles piling in though, the roads are chocka!! Fortunately we live further down the coast so they're heading away from us.

Hope it's still nice F way. x


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