What does notice pay of lieu mean when being dismissed on ill health

Hi all, Just a quick question i'm going to be dismissed from work on ill health and in my contract it states i must give them or they will give me a months notice but in the sickness policy it states that i will get notice pay of lieu, have called the union but she is off sick atm and have called acas but she didn't make sense to me, I work for the nhs and have been employed by the for 8yrs & 5 months, could someone please explain this for me as it's driving me mad.

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  • Are you sure this isn't payment in lieu of notice? That would mean you just leave & they give you a months wage, you wouldn't work a months notice. Your next step would be to contact your union rep regarding any other monies due. This is our caring NHS! This link will explain nidirect.gov.uk/notice-and-...

  • Thanks yes it is payment of lieu of notice so all i will get is a months money plus my a/l that's outstanding i will also ask for my pension as well as i've only paid in since last september, I'm not happy with this though after all it was through their fault i had another flare, I was asking them for help as i was struggling with different aspects of my job in which they ignored me well on their back be it, Will give the union a call tomorrow, Thanks for your reply will take a look at the link now.

  • I thought so & I'm sure you're upset. You really need help with this so do call the union tomorrow first thing. There are a few members who are ex NHS employees who will probably be able to help more specifically as I only know through my position as a PA in a Personnel Department In a business not the NHS which though they will have to abide by the law may have different clauses for dismissal regarding constructive or unfair dismissal, ill health etc.

    Let us know how it goes.

  • Not an expert in this, but I would think that it means that they'll give you a month's pay instead of the month's notice. Which makes sense as if you're off sick then you're already not working so no point in extending it. So for example, if it all gets agreed that you go on the 25th August then in your contract you should work for another 4 weeks (and get paid for it of course) and go in September. But instead you'll get a month's pay and can go immediately. No guarantees that this is the answer, but my best guess.

  • I'm pretty sure it means that you will be paid a months notice but won't have to work it.

    Wait for someone to confirm though.

    You need to see your union rep to make sure everything is in order and you get all that you are entitled to.. like holiday pay owed to you etc....

  • I was retired from the NHS, and this is pay you'll receive at your full salary for the contract notice period. It makes a difference because if you were on reduced pay during sick leave this will be a month at full pay.

  • Thanks for all your replies x

  • Are you entitled to 6months half pay and then 6 months quarter pay while being off sick?

    Also can you access your nhs pension sooner on grounds of ill health?

  • Yes have been on sick leave since may but they will dismiss me around about october, The pension i can claim back as i have paid into this for under a year i think.

  • Consult your union asap they have numerous reps in different parts of the country

  • hi natalie

    i got ill health retirement from the nhs. i worked for 11 years part time so i was only entitled to 5 years pension.

    before you agree to payment in lieue make sure that the union can get occupational health to agree to ill health retirement for you. i know you said your rep was on sick leave, but the union will have other rep's who can advise you.

    hr needs to fill out the form, then you do, then it goes to occupational health who suggests which tier you apply for.

    tier 1, you cant do your job/position in the nhs but you might be able to continue working another different type of job outside of the nhs.

    tier 2. you cant do any type of work for the foreseeable future.

    tier 2 does not mean that you cant work again just not at the moment and if you are able to work again you have to earn less than what you were so you can keep your pension and not have it reduced.

    all the best to you

  • I was retired from nhs on ill health just be careful because pension can take a while to come through and I had a rough 5 weeks not knowing when I was going to get any money

  • Just thought you need occy health on your side mine were brilliant

  • trouble is, the work capability assessments will probably say you are fit for work :( .......will they have to take you back if that is the case??

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