I'm thankful for the small things

I'm thankful for the small things

This is Cae Du campsite in Wales. It's currently my very favourite place in the UK and the first time I went, back in June, I saw wild dolphins for the first time ever in the UK.

I'm learning to find joy and pleasure in the little things. When I can relax in beautiful surroundings in the fresh air, I feel much less glum and sorry for myself. The natural world calms me, centres me and reminds me that no matter what, i'm lucky to be alive to enjoy it.

There are so many things I currently can't do, but focusing on the few little things I can do, make all the difference.

This community has provided me a very real lifeline this week, and I thank each and every one of you who has taken time out to share their experiences and advice with me.

Namaste xxx

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  • Hi ShellyWelly,

    I wish i was there, that looks so nice, for me i have started listening to and watching Relaxation videos, but i would sooner be somewhere like that! :(

    Not much here in kent, not only that i can not get out to any where nice as i don't have a car :(

    marcus6 xx

  • That's a real shame to hear that you can't get out anywhere nice :( I'm finding it's helping me a lot. I can't do it as often as I used to or would like as driving is painful, but it is still possible, I just have to have a rest before the tent goes up and once it's up, all I can do is sit there - which is good, because usually I find it impossible to relax.

    At home I use meditation and various forms of relaxation which tends to help, keep it up. When you are dealing with pain sometimes it feels consuming and it's important I think to be able to find calm and to be centered.

  • It looks so beautiful. I was caravaning in the Yorkshire moors last week. I agree it really helps just to sit and watch the sea or the animals or the clouds. X

  • Hi ShellyWelly,

    so glad that this site has been so helpful to you.


    Beverley (NRAS Helpline)

    PS I have that owl cushion in my living room!

  • lol that's fab, you have excellent taste! :D

    'She' is Mrs Betty Owl and features heavily on my blog. Sasse & Belle who make them, loved the pictures I shared of her with them, she comes on every camping trip with me!!

  • What a lovely post :-) I also love camping and recently went to Harrogate for a weekend followed by a weekend in Ludlow. I'll never forget my night in Ludlow as it was during the recent thunderstorms. The noise was awful and the tent lit up with bright pink light eventually sending us fleeing to the car at 3am and cowering under our duvets! There's wonderful memories to be made if we can get out into the countryside. x

  • lol oh my goodness! Thunderstorms in a tent are no fun at all - glad to hear it made some happy memories though, so it wasn't all bad :) Nice to know there are fellow campers here on the forum! I hope if you have any further camping trips planned the weather is kinder to you! x

  • Looks so beautiful. Since diagnosis I've found new appreciation for the small things, especially in nature. I've also found yoga to be really helpful. Hope you have a good wkend.

  • I love yoga cazh but finding poses I used to find easy hard which is frustrating and getting me down, so i'm sticking with Swimming for now and will hopefully go back to yoga when I can put a little more weight on my joints :) x

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