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Cimzia/methotrexate/hydroxy = coldsores and mouth sores

I am quite used to my mouth shedding skin and having an occasional sore inside my mouth but since starting Cimzia a few months ago, am getting a recurring coldsore and more mouth sores than before (on the positive side, my joints feel much better, as do my energy levels). I am due to see rheumatology sister next month but wondered if meantime anyone has any tips to help combat them? My sister is a nurse and would normally recommend antivirals for recurring coldsores but don't think this is an option to be explored with being on immuno suppressants. Thank you for any advice.

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When well established on the Cimzia it may be possible for you to decrease the amount of methotrexate(MTX) /hydroxy you take which will probably bring up your level of immunity decreasing or eliminating the number of cold sores and mouth sores you get.

I was getting an increasing number of infections, cold sores and mouth sores so asked my consultant if I could continue with Enbrel but try dropping the MTX. It's still working very well by itself and I've had no further cold sores/mouth sores. I would be happy to add a smaller dose of another DMARD if it was thought necessary in the future. It's probably a question of getting the right amount and combination/balance of drugs for each individual. Perhaps something to discuss with your rheumy team.


That's interesting, thank you for the reply - yes am still on 20 mg methotrexate jabs weekly so it might be possible to reduce the dose. Cimzia has definitely made a big difference thankfully, glad Enbrel has for you!


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