Has anyone ever had blurry vision after MRI?

I had an MRI on my ears this week. All fairly straight forward I am not claustrophobic. I have been diagnosed with primary sjogrens and have had pressure in my ears and tinnitus.

When I came out of the appointment I couldn't focus on distant objects my vision was blurred with a bit of double vision. It lasted about half an hour luckily I wasn't driving just walking. I didn't go back in and ask maybe I should have done I thought it may be common but there is nothing on Google.

Has anyone experienced this?

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  • I personally I have had many MRIs over the last 25 years I would say it's nothing to do with the MRI but it's your medical problems I would speak to your nurse on the help line Monday morning. I find some of my meds give me blurred vision. However if you feel the need and it's bad phone the out hours number in your area I have found them so very helpful then you can see a DR this morning. Hope it goes soon

  • I can get that kind of thing happening, but actually its nothing to do with the MRI. With me its to do with the position I am lying in on the MRI table,and having to lie still for so long - in particular the way my neck and head is positioned. Somehow it just seems to put my neck out a bit, and even though it may not be sore, it isn't right. What I try to do is take a muscle relaxant before the MRI (my GP will give me diazepam for that, but there are other meds), and then once I get off the MRI table I try and do some gentle neck exercises to get my neck back in the right position as quickly as possible. Also using a bit of voltaren gel on my neck helps.

  • That makes sense Earthwitch I very rarely lie in that position. Thanks.

  • I have toxicity from the contrast agent used in the MRI. My symptoms began with blurry vision. I would strongly recommend a 24-hour Gadolinium urine test (if they used a contrast agent with gadolinium and not iodine). That will tell you if you retained some of the gadolinium, which is very toxic. I'd also check out the site www. gadoliniumtoxicity .com. There is some very helpful info there, including info on how it harms the body over time, even in people with normal kidney (renal) function.

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