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Hi I take 20mg of Methotrexate once a week, 2000mg Sulfasalazine everyday, 50mg of Diclofenac 3x a day. With 30mg of Co-codamol to help

Have just been to see my consultant a couple of days ago, says Rhuematiod is under control but I am still in pain pretty much on a daily basis. He did not seem to take much notice of this as blood tests indicate ok. Is it possible to be under control and still be in pain.

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hi rheumy told me that the pain is from damage already done which can only be controlled with pain relief meds...they just try to make sure ra is under control to slow future damage x


Had X-rays and scans seems to be no damage but pain varies from day to day and area to area mainly wrists, hands and feet.



My bloods are also good. I have a low das, and technically I am in remission. I still get on most days daily aches, which I use pain relief regularly to address. I do take less in the warmer months as I have more good days.

It seems to me that some sort if pain/aches, despite the disease being managed is normal. I would say I'm 80% back to normality and still have to pace & rest etc.

Hope that helps

Sci x

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Hi Kizzy,

My RA is under control with drugs and I too experience pain daily especially in my feet and ankles. With time I have learnt to adjust the time I spend on various activities in order to minimise pain. Its a bit of trial and error to begin with. For instance I found that if I spent too much time on my feet, housework, shopping, gardening or walking then I would really suffer and have to rest them for about 3 days for the pain to subside to tolerable a level. The same goes for if I over use my shoulders or hands. Hands and feet are limbs that we constantly use in our daily lives and sometimes quite heavily. All I can advise is be gentle with yourself, pace yourself and rest painful joints when you can.

When I look back to first being diagnosed I can see that I am now healthier, more active and in far less pain; not cured but in control. Its like a journey that we unwillingly enter into and we are learning all the time how to get the best out of living with RA.

Best wishes


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Like you I suffer with my hands, wrists, feet and ankles. My inflammatory markers (ESR and CRP) have always been within normal range even when I was first diagnosed and if the clinicians just look at those they tell you everything's ok. I also find it hard to understand why the disease is under control as far as they're concerned when I have so much pain. If the disease is under control surely you should be pain free? To be fair I've had a lot of support from my consultant with help from occ health, physios and podiatrist but no satisfactory outcome. Accept all help offered and keep telling them how you feel. This site is a great help and I hope you get some relief soon. Linda x


Thanks for reply, just feel a little frustrated. If this is as good as it gets then I except but to be told I should be pain free and not have take Diclofenac and co codamol as methotrexate and sulphazelazine should be working. Two years down the road not knowing what tomorrow brings. Anyway rant over, will try to phone help line and see if I can get some more answers. Love this site nice to hear other peoples issues


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