Hi I am currently off meds awaiting to see Biologics team for for first time 13th June. Previously on MTX then Leuflomide, but had to stop

because of high LFT's. Saw liver specialist yesterday and now awaiting date for liver biopsy. My RA is currently rife, swollen stiff and tender hands, feet, ankles and very fatigued, currently signed off work. However my main concern is that I have developed the most horrendous pain in my left outer thigh. Painful to walk but also to sit and at night in bed it's even worse, keeping me awake as no position lessens pain! It seems to have developed since I had some severe lower back pain about three weeks ago and I also have RA pain in my left knee. The thigh is tender and warm to the touch, although I am not supposed to be taking meds I am having to take Naprosyn and Cocodamol as I cannot stand the pain. Can anybody tell me! Is this likely to be connected to RA or is it something totally separate ?

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  • I get pain in my left outer thigh. I've had it for some time, not all the time I must add. I may have it for a few weeks, then it stops for a while only to start up again. I was trying to find out what it was on the internet and found a condition that does sound like mine


    I think it may be RA related (does say arthritis can cause it) due to the fact that it is inflammation. RA can cause lots of weird and wonderful things (not) to happen to us, like I am sure that we all know.

    Hope the pain meds are working.

    Paula xx

  • Hi Paula

    Thanks for your reply! I had googled it and did find something similar with a really weird name which apparently could be related to RA. I did wonder if maybe the RA had reached my hip joint and the pain was radiating from there. Hopefully it will not persist as you say you do not have it all the time, I will keep my fingers crossed because the pain meds do not seem to touch it much.

    Nicola x

  • It sounds like it could be sciatica or could be a bursa on the hip (bursa could be RA) Go see GP as if sciatica that need to be treated or investigated as you said you had lower back pain x

  • I have had sciatica in the past and it doesn't feel like that this time. I have heard of bursa's being connected with RA so have made GP appointment to be on safe side, thanks for your reply x

  • I bumped into a friend yesterday in Matalan. Haven't see her for a few years. I asked how she was and she told me that's she's got OA. During the conversation that followed she told me that she had terrible pain in her thigh, same place that I get mine. Her GP told her it was muscular, she herself thought the same. He sent her for physio, she said it was so painful that she refused to go for anymore appointments.

    She then told me that she took her father to see a podiatrist, she walked in pushing her dad in a wheelchair limping with the pain. The podiatrist asked what was the matter with her, she told him, he told her it was her hip.....she went back to her GP asked to have her hip xrayed and she ended up having a hip replacement. She like me thought that hip pain is felt in the groin and not in the hip.

    I thought it was such a coincidence with me only posting about it on here a few hours earlier.

    Paula xx

  • Hi Paula

    Yes I am seriously wondering if it is my hip, have made appointment to see GP.


    Nicola x

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