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As anyoe whos taking omeprazole found they suffer from rls, or if they already have the condition have made the condition worse,

I more or less had this condition under control, but since taking omeprazole it has gone through the roof

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been taking it for years now, if I miss it I know all about it by four o,clock!


Can someone let me know what rls is? I have been taking it to protect my stomach due to the medications I am taking. I don't like it as it does make me very bloated and constantly repeats on me for the rest of the day!!


Is RLS restless leg syndrome. If so I have not had problems since starting Omeprazole.

Any problems likely to be a coincidence.



I take omeprazole and my legs drive me crazy , never linked the two though , does it cause this ? be interested to know x


I recently read an article linking Omeprazole/Lanzoprazole to RLS (restless legs syndrome) and as someone with long term severe RLS, I had never previously made the connection. My RLS is "there" regardless but, looking back I do seem to think the sudden dramatic worsening I experienced coincided with me taking a high dose of Lanzoprazole for a suspected stomach ulcer. The article I read was in the Daily Telegraph "Dr Lefanu" health section and said that the thinking behind the link between these meds and RLS is that PPI drugs like Lanzoprazole and Omeprazole can inhibit absorption of iron from the gut. It went on to say that iron deficiency is the (eminently treatable) cause of RLS in nearly one fifth of all RLS sufferers. Hence a potential worsening of RLS when taking these meds.


I 've been taking this dose of o.perazole dr.40mg.....about 6 months and just started experiencing rid for the first time!


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