Limbo land!

I'm happy to say that I feel quite well today. I was a little dizzy this morning, but it passed and I'm going to attempt to now my lawn shortly, so it's all good. Sort of!

I went to see my doc on Tuesday. I told him that I still haven't received a letter from the hospital regarding an ultrasound appointment for the lump on my back. He said that the appointment was requested on April 9th and asked to see the lump, which is about 4 cms long, at the bottom of my left shoulder blade and an inch or two in from my spine. He doesn't know what it is, but remarked that it was in an awkward place to be removed and would take a long time to heal. Fine! He then asked me to make a further appointment to see him regarding numbness and tingling in my left of face, ear and nose which he said concerns him.

I'm not over worrying, at the end of the day, what will be will be, but it's now April 27th and I still don't have an appointment for an ultrasound. Meanwhile, I keep getting tingling on the left side of my back and on Tuesday evening it was a little scary as the tingling was in my head and went all the way down the left side of my body to my foot, feeling more tingly around my back.

Well I go to see my rheumy on May 16th and it looks like I'll still be in the same position. What fun!

It's not much fun in limbo land! Xx

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Well I hope the scan gets sorted soon and you get some answers at last. I have one exactly where yours is but they said its just a fatty lump and mine was best left here it was! Thankfully I'm not a model lol .

Let us know hat happens? Hugs Axx


hello waterspace, Reading your comments made me feel somewhat alarmed, and sorry this has only just been read, so hope you have now got something going about your troubles, I too have tingling in my spine and electric shock like pains in my feet, but this is caused by 3 slipped dics, and apparently one of the disc s, is slipped inwards and is compromising my spinal chord. So at least I have a reason for the pain, I do so hope you get some action on this. thinking of you xx rita


Thank you both for replying. It's really helpful to be able to come to HU and get things off my chest. I still haven't heard from the hospital, but I have to see the gp on Wednesday about my head so I shall give him another prod! My various aches and pains aren't unbearable by any means and I know that so many of you guys on HU know the real meaning of pain. I am lucky, I just need to know the cause of my problems because it's difficult to fight an unknown opponent!

Love and hugs to you both. Xx


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