Happy Easter - just checking in x

Hi All,

Just thought I'd send an Easter greeting to all my lovely pallies on here. Not been able to contribute much lately as been working full-time but I've been checking the posts most days and replying here and there when I haven't been terminally knackered. Still working in the orthopaedic triage department at the local community hospital so typing up loads about all the bits that ail us. Thank goodness I learnt about bones and bits for my reflexology diploma or I wouldn't understand a thing they're going on about. I was expecting to be a skint lady of leisure again by now but I must be doing something right as they've asked me to stay on until 2nd May. No idea what I'll do then but trying to take things one day at a time without panicking. I'm grateful for the work but blimey I'm tired!

Thanks to all the people who sent me lovely messages about my unexpected re-referral to rheumy after being binned off by them 18 months ago. I've been trying to remember to write down all the roving pains etc to take as supporting evidence although I'm not sure how much they'll look at it. It's been a bit of a double-edged sword as it's made me feel more justified in fighting my corner but it's also been concentrating my mind on what hurts. I usually try to just acknowledge what's hurting that day, accommodate it where necessary and get on with it as much as possible. Still getting rising panic at the thought of going back to the rheumy department as I'm hoping for so much but expecting so little. Luckily I've got a holiday on the Norfolk Broads with friends immediately before so there's a chance I won't survive long enough to get to my appointment :) I'm a bit concerned about hauling the old crippy bod on and off the boat but my friends have kindly assured me they'll chuck me on and off if needs be. I've come over all diva and given in my rider to ensure I get a double bunk to myself so I don't disturb people with the constant repositioning and waking every hour or two. Wonder if I'll have any friends left at the end of the trip? Hope you're all overdosing on chocolate and buns xx

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Hi lovely to hear you are managing .. Quite well ? Hope you are enjoying the work and that your next appointment goes well. happy Easter to you xx


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