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Just found this article published last Nov, maybe you've all seen it already. Also been hearing these Gut topics discussed on Public Radio recently:

And this video on the gut and micro organisms.

I suspect the harsh MTX and Plaq meds are killing any good bacteria so its a loose, loose even when we take tons of Probiotics. Going to share this info with my Rheumy anyway and see what she says.

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Wow! That was a very interesting article. I will also ask my rheumatologist about taking probiotics. Thank you for sharing that information.


hello MarshaM, interested in this gut bacteria thing, as I have had r/a for 44 years, and have been having several gut problems, alas I have tried these probiotic drinks and don't have much faith in them as too much sugar is added to our foods today, the only drink I have not tried is Acrimel0% I now have to take a regular dose of loperemide nightly, just to not have to run to loo , but like you, will take this up with my rheumy. keep smiling bluetit33


Hi there I have been on methotrexate for approx 7 years and have a bad gut problem and I am now on Questran Lite with great impovement.


Hi Bluetit33

sugar is an enemy to our bodies. I've been doing a lot of reading and research on inflammation and they all talk about refined sugar and wheat causing gut problems. Capsule/pill form probiotics are easy to take and don't add any sugar to our diet. In addition to my rheumy I saw a Gastrointestinal Dr and he also recommended digestive enzimes to take w meals and to take probiotics twice a day. He recommended Phillips brand available at any pharmacy. These harsh drugs we are on are hard on our gut and kill our good bacteria so I can only hope that I'm helping myself by adding probitics in addition to the meds.


Hi Marsha! I've been reading The Paleo Approach by Sarah Ballantyne. It's not limited to RA, but looks at all autoimmune conditions. It suggests that autoimmune is caused/exacerbated by leaky gut (gut dysbiosis) and suggests that autoimmune disease can be reversed or at least held at bay by following a nutrient dense diet that rebuilds our gut lining. In a nutshell, it requires removing grains, legumes (incl soy), dairy, nuts, seeds (incl coffee and chocolate), alcohol and eggs. In their place, you should eat nutrient-dense whole foods - grass-fed ruminants (eat a variety), offal (especially bone broth), seafood, veggies, berries and fruit (eat the rainbow). She also recommends probiotic rich foods (i.e. Kombucha, sauerkraut, coconut milk kefir) or taking a probiotic supplement. I feel like it's worth a shot. I should note that she also focuses on lifestyle - getting outdoors everyday, activity (anything that doesn't involve sitting or lying down counts) and stress management (ie yoga, meditation, work-life balance). She has a website,, if you want to look into it. Over the past two years I have been learning about our immune system (80% in the gut) and the impact of the foods we eat (it's more than calories in, calories out - we really are what we eat!), so this approach really makes sense to me.

I am not looking for a quick fix (and this isn't a "miracle cure", but I want to have my best quality of life on the least amount of meds necessary (not necessarily drug-free, but wouldn't that be nice?!). Good luck in your journey.

Also, fyi, I adopted a mostly paleo diet last January (2013), which for me meant no grains or legumes. I reduced but did not eliminate dairy or sugar (chocolate has long been my preferred coping mechanism). I felt great, was even indoor rock climbing, ziplining and raced a 5K. Then stress and a change in job triggered a flare, which brought me to the paleo approach, which I've been on since Feb 1. My flare is still there, but at the same time my rheumy doubled my MTX. I have reduced my MTX to see if doing so will allow my liver a break and my gut to heal. Will happily keep you posted. As a nice side effect, I am wearing a US size 4 these days (down from an 8-10). I find that enough motivation to keep at this. I am also surprised at how I have been able to completely change a diet that was so standard to me. Two years ago, I was eating bags of chocolate everyday and bread products several times a day, no red meat touched my lips, certainly no offal, and a lot of food came in packages. It's truly amazing how easy change can be with the right support and a conviction that what you are doing is right. Also, pain is a great motivator, isn't it?


Hi Karen, I too have looked into the Paleo diet but I haven't had beef since 1976 and I've never eaten pork. I've also looked at this site which sounds similar to what you mentioned. Everything must be cooked including fruit and they like bone broth. They are not Dr's but claim their diet cures many autoimmune issues. after trying Vegan for 4 months and only getting worse inflammation I saw a RA doc who told me about Oxalates and Leaky Gut. I figured I have a weak digestive system/Leaky Gut although my Rheumy and Family doc both said they'd never heard of it before and know of no test for it. And the first RA doc I hated said food and diet change had nothing to do with my condition and vits won't help. Dr Oz talks about Leaky Gut and weak digestive sys all the time but he is now controversial with the medical association because he talks about alternatives to healing. The RA doc who told me about Oxalates is not my assigned RA w/ my insurance. I paid to see him on my own for 2nd opinion. The Oxalates diet excludes nuts, grains, legumes, many veggies because they are High in Oxalates. Dr Oz also said Oxalates cause Inflammation when they leak thru a weak digestive track and go where they don't belong in the body. Meats are low oxalates and accepted. I am on Mtx, Plaq, and weaning off of Prednesone (4 more days) so I suspect the inflammation will return. After being in constant pain for 6 months with swollen knees, hands and feet it's been an nice reprieve from pain for this month.

There are so many claims to cures out there it just spins my head. Met two ladies today who want me to give them a thousand dollars to buy their supplements that they claim cures all. At the end of the discussion it appeared to be a Pyramid scam where I get my friends to sell to their friends and on it goes. I looked up the founders name on the web and he is on for fraud claims of Internet health cures. Praying on people who are in pain and desperate for relief. But the meds prescribed by the RA aren't any better for the harm they do to internal organs either.

Been taking all kinds of supplements in addition to meds in hopes that I'm helping my body to stave off the harm from the meds. Also been taking Probiotics and digestive aids. I've always considered myself a healthy eater, looked my own means, not a fast food eater, have never liked coffee, milk or sodas, but I too like sweets and chocolate. Sugar might have been the culprit or maybe I just have a weak digestive gut.

Yes let me know how the Paleo works for you. I believe healing the gut will help but that's just my gut feeling. Thanks for your reply. Marsha


Haha! Yes, definitely listen to your gut! :) you really need to figure out what works for you. I had been off red meat for nearly 20 years when I decided to go grain free. I figured it was too much to ask my family to not eat red meat or grains with me, so i reintroduced red meat and I think my body's response was something like "hallelujah!" :) all I know is that this diet and lifestyle makes sense to me, and isn't hurting me, so I think it's worth it.



On glad you found something that works for you.


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