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Rheumatologist recommends Anti TNF for my AS

Hi all,

I hope you are all o.k,

I am New to all this but hope you may be able to help me and reassure me somewhat?

Saw my rheumatologist this week and she is recommending anti TNF and I was wondering what people thought of this option and if any advice could be given in relation to side effects etc?

Thanks everyone. Lisa

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Personally I think you sound as though you are in good hands! Sometimes it takes forever to get to the stage where you are lucky enough to get offered biologics.

Yes they are strong drugs and have side effects but in many cases they help people get good quality of life. Nras do a great booklet on biologics. Go on and look at their publications or call them and discuss it with them, the helpline number is on the site

AS is such a horrid painful illness I hope that you get sorted quickly with what sounds like a caring doctor. Keep chatting on here, I find everyone so supportive. X


Sorry it's xx


I had enbrel first.... no side effects, I thought it was helping me, but consultant said it was working as well as they wanted. I am now on abatacept, 3 months in, I have noticed a difference for the better, again, I have had no side effects. Before I began the biological s I read up and I think I scared myself with all the possible effects, but as stated, I worried too much as I did not get them. Hope you soon find the right drug for you x


on abatacept now since last july and i am on top of the world......hope you get your get relief soon. XX


Thanks to you all, feel somewhat reassured that I may get my life back! Just hope it works on the fatigue :-) x


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